1. schopenhauer  

    it reminds me of the purposelessness of human striving...and yet it's represented! I must revise my theory!

  2. Anonymous

    not to knock on the cartoon too much, which is nice, but when the guy in the picture is saying, "...comprehend incomprehensibility" it gives the impression that Kant believes in that sort of logic as rational thought.

    but he was referring to moral imperatives, not actual cognition. and not trying to comprehend the underlying incomprehensibleness, but are aware of it being incomprehensible. if anything Kant says that if you try to comprehend incomprehensibility you are making a fallacious leap in rational thinking.

    but that's just me rambling. fun picture though, imagine if kant became the new pop art.

  3. Anonymous  

    actually, the thought bubble quotation is taken from Kant's closing remarks.

    maybe you should take a look.

  4. Anonymous  

    but then again, i don't know what the fuck is going on in cc anyway --- so i give up. i'll just make pictures. esoterica is not my game.

  5. zXC:Lkj  


  6. sigh  

    I love me some Kant.

  7. ah oh my god  

    it's a picture. it's a doodle! who cares what's in the bubble? as #5 said: PRETTY PICTURE.

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