Decision ’07—The Race Begins… In First-Year Housing

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Wednesday night saw a beginning of sorts to the CCSC election season – the first of three information sessions for prospective candidates in Carman Lounge. Spotted at the meeting were ’08 VP Michelle Diamond and ’09 President George Krebs – widely considered the frontrunners for the CCSC Presidency, should they decide to run – as well as other current Class Council members from each class and some fresh faces, including SGB treasurer Jonathan Siegel.

As Subash Iyer, Chair of the CCSC Elections Board, discussed the at-large positions, interest flagged somewhat; there didn’t seem to be many potential Student Services Representatives in the room. “If you want people to take you seriously as candidates, ask us questions,” Subash urged. A long and somewhat awkward silence fell over the room, broken only when Krebs asked why the schedule for the elections had been moved up this year (the elections are to be held March 28 and 29 to accommodate religious holidays, said Iyer).

But the most telling question came from Diamond, who asked when candidates may start asking for endorsements. (She, and her fellow candidates, were advised to begin seeking endorsements before midterms.)  Meanwhile, Krebs has told friends that he plans to show up at the next two information sessions. Candidates are only required to attend one, but further visits would allow him to scope out his competition. Only forty-nine days until the election… let the games begin.



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(l-r) CCSC VP for Communications Andrew Russeth, Iyer, and Elections Board member Emily Griffin lay down the law.


(l-r) Krebs and CC ’09 VP Mark Johnson share a moment.

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    are these meetings technically mandatory for candidates? yea yea, strongly encouraged i know, but mandatory? investigate bwog, please?

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