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The Varsity Show has a new website up, and, as the kids are saying these days, it is “quite nifty”. The rectangles of different colors that make up the home page fit together to make a giant rectangle in a very pleasing manner, and there is an excellent picture of several people intensely concentrating on something while moving their hands around.  For real though, it is a nice website, and although it does not at the time have any information about V113 (besides the cast list), either the preview material or the show is “coming soon.”  In the meantime, you can sign up for their e-mail list or give them more money.



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  1. ...

    This is a horribly shameless plug, bwog.

    • ...?  

      i don't quite follow how bwog has anything to do with varsity show.

      • come on  

        bwog has to do with the varsity show as much as it has to do with anything else it posts on here-- IT'S COLUMBIA-RELATED. does bwog have any more to do with noam chomsky or spec or overhearing random conversations in butler?

        why are people so touchy about the varsity show? maybe i should actually go see it this year to see what fires everyone up so much.

        • actually

          the reason for the snarkiness is that last year the Blue & White staff and people working on the Varsity Show were completely intertwined. Bwog did a ton of lip service for the V-Show because it was involved in its creation, the program, and even many of the V-Show writers were on staff. so it is a plug by bwog for its own people... can't say yet if that's the case this year.

          let the inescapable hype begin.

  2. on the plus side...

    mp3s of past shows! or am i the only one who thought the music wasn't half-bad?

  3. kingship  

    yo who designed that site?

  4. woah  

    everyone shut the hell up

  5. holy shit

    this is actually a very good website. pictures of old v-shows! soundtracks and mp3s! OH MAN! we're finally primetime.

  6. dummy  

    I like the ellipse of rage in the name field. Way to simmer with e-rage, douchefucius.

    Hey Bwog, if you like Columbia stuff so much why don't you marry it? POWNED

  7. Yalta  

    Well, the reason why a lot of people dislike the Varsity show is the way that it is unilaterally supported by the university, and not with abstract promises or platitudes. V-Show gets cash, a huge loan, and the power to override any and all space/venue rehearsal requests that might conflict with their own. Much of this animosity between people making the most of their student life fees by engaging in campus clubs and activities and the V-show does indeed stem from a fair amount of justified envy. V-show is not only supported, but is one of the only performing arts orgs that continuously rolls in a profit...they never have to struggle for an audience.

    And Bwog, B&W and V-Show are very much incestuous cousins, but that shouldn't be looked on as a bad thing. It's an example to the rest of the arts community on what needs to be done to promote both publicity and inter-curricular involvement.

    • rjt  

      "the power to override any and all space/venue rehearsal requests that might conflict with their own."

      If we have that, we really ought to make it so that we don't have 2/3 of our practices in Pupin classrooms.

    • Corrections  

      1. Varsity Show does not turn a profit. They roll in ticket sales, but they also spend a ton of money constructing their set. This is partly due to a recent requirement that set workers make union wages.

      2. The animosity stems from VS blocking out any and all space requests all day long in a very popular part of Lerner during a very popular part of the year. Which is kind of unavoidable, again, because of the set.

      So really, the problem lies with the Varsity Show set, not much else about the organization. Remove the set, and suddenly VS doesn't actually spend all that much money or take up all that much space.

  8. alum

    Yes, Varsity Show gets a good amount of money from the student councils---but as I recall, around half the V-Show's budget comes from ticket sales. This is not to say the V show always spends it's money wisely. Giant pieces of wood and metal cages that distract from the performance come to mind.

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