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Once again, Bwog brings you the things that, after this weekend, you may never do again…


sdfAfter receiving only one Oscar nomination (good luck in Best Art Direction, you guys!), The Good Shepherd closes today at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square to make room for Hannibal Lecter’s latest outing. Go to see a surprisingly good Matt Damon not playing a corrupt cop, or to see a surprisingly awful Angelina Jolie not playing Mother Teresa.

Epic Movie closes at the AMC Loews 84th Street to make room for the man-in-fat-black-woman-drag comedy Norbit (starring Oscar nominee Eddie Murphy!). Just wait two weeks, though, and it’ll be on DVD.

The New York Design Fair begins today and ends Sunday at the Seventh Regiment Armory (Park Avenue at 67th Street). Celebrate Fashion Week by picking up some discounted fashions to benefit Project ALS, and forget the fact that you weren’t cool enough to get into the Marc Jacobs show.

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  1. This  

    is a good and helpful feature. Keep it up!!

  2. The Good Shepherd

    should have been nominated for negative five Oscars. It may well be the worst movie I've ever seen.

  3. keb

    Also go see the Good Shepherd to see Columbia's very own Kingsmen sing a capella with Matt Damon's character's son. The piece was arranged by Henry Pederson, composer for this year's Varsity Show.

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