QuickSpec/EyePoke: “Real-feel” temperature 3 degrees F edition

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  1. wow  

    listing prez bush's alleged achievements, billy freeland includes:

    "the establishment of a democratic Afghanistan"

    ...you've got to be kidding me.

    • foner  

      yay revisionist history! while we're at it: the antiwar left lost vietnam! most of those interned japanese-americans turned out to be spies anyway! those native americans were begging to be civilized with sallpox-coated blankets!

  2. eye roll  

    "a garden variety critique"? come on, bwog. do you remember the trumpets you used to herald foner's article? at least try to pretend that you're not so laughably biased that you've lost all sense of perspective.

  3. poo!  

    it's that the critique's been written a million times before, silly goose!

  4. To Alex Jung  

    Please killself and stop demeaning the Spectator k thanx bye

    • concerned  

      I think Alex did a wonderful job with that article. to the intolerant assholes who choose to take issue with the article - pretend you're over 5 years old and insult the ideas rather than the brave guy who shared them

  5. Just because  

    I don't stick a dick in my ass doesn't make me homophobic. On the other hand, sticking dicks in your ass DOES make you homosexual, no matter how you spin it (intentional reference to meatspin, for those in the know).

  6. hey bwog  

    why the parenthetical 'fog of' in the headline for josh arthur's interview? i fear it's an expression of cynicism about what is a really deep, reflective, proud, patriotic account from a war zone. if not, not, and i'm sorry for assuming. but there wasn't much fog in what he was saying.

  7. That  

    is a brave man. I still don't support the war but I can say that Josh is a brave man.

  8. st. a['s  

    wow, that st. a's piece was...interesting. i didnt even know who they were

  9. I'd like to see  

    a complete list of hazing incidents at Columbia to compare with Cornell.

    1. Members forced new members to hold ducks.
    2. Members falsely told new members that they would be cool now....

  10. DHI  

    "I always thought that Catcher in the Rye had the wrong narrator."

    See, I always thought it had the right narrator, because that is what made the fucking book, but yeah, I suppose it would be better if it was a run-of-the-mill teen novel.

  11. spec  

    Jung's writing is annoying.
    But he had a real jewel at the end when he wrote "Maybe then we can reach a place where anything that whiffs of gay isn't immediately followed by a tired assertion that one is absolutely, 100 percent, without-a-doubt heterosexual, because it really just makes a person think that the lady or the gentleman in question doth protest too much." Datskovsky, anyone?

  12. SEAS-er  

    I'm just happy that soon, when I do shots, people will know that they were poured with less than 5% error in volume.

    Besides, our crown is cooler because it has a hammer and another, pointier hammer.

  13. Saladin  

    "And recent developments out of Baghdad have been promising"


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