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  1. holy moly!  

    70% receive latin honors!!!! That is awesome. Sounds like little league baseball where everybody gets a trophy!

  2. sigh...

    This is my fourth year, and I'm still a little ashamed to go to Barnard. Regardless, I'll be graduating summa. Also, I'm not marrying. Ever. Goddamn milfs.

  3. yay for  

    the wrestling team.. they won two matches this weekend.. princeton and penn which they hadn't beat since 93

  4. mike  

    I don't understand why they don't just give everyone latin honors. If 70% get it, it is purely mean-spirited to deny the other 30%. Why should only the top 70 or 80 percent feel good about accomplishing something special, or at least above average??

  5. can't stand

    people like you, number two. get over yourself. and im pretty sure the reason barnard grads are so often featured in the nytimes wedding section is cause one of the writers went to barnard. (not to mention the sulzbergers of the nytimes = the sulzbergers of barnard, the quad).

  6. hahaha  

    I like that the reason 70% get honors is that Barnard is so "difficult" and the students are so bright.

  7. alum

    The article on calling centers is wonderfully written and thoughtful.

  8. well  

    If Barnard women were as stupid as everyone claims, it wouldn't be possible for 70% of them to get honors since probably all of them have taken some Columbia class, which is "so much harder."

  9. well  

    columbia classes are generally more difficult.

  10. yes

    it is. because they're not.

  11. AHHH

    There's nothing more painful than a self-righteous Spec staff editorial. Leave the sports analysis to the sports writers. focus on school spirit instead, something you totally ignored, k? thanks.

  12. Hello.

    We are all smart. Let's just all shut up.

  13. cc08  

    speaking as a columbia college girl, i am SO SICK of hearing shit about barnard women. It is time for our college/university to recognize how much we benefit from having barnard across the street. without barnard, activism, the humanities, the social sciences, and about a zillion other aspects of CU life would look very different.

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