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  1. spec correction

    in other words, "we got the entire article wrong." also, miscontextualized? not a word.

    In the article “SGB Move Upsets GSSC Leaders,” (Feb. 14) a quote from Student Governing
    Board treasurer Jonathan Siegel was miscontextualized. When he said “It will maintain its autonomy,”
    he was referring to SGB and not to General Studies. The same article also misstated that
    SGB is moving to within the purview of Student Development and Activities. In fact, it is moving
    to within Student Affairs. This error lead to Jessie Leiken’s words being taken out of context. She
    said she was happy so far with SGB’s work with Student Affairs, not the SDA. The article also incorrectly
    stated that University Senator from General Studies Chris Riano said that it was “unheard of”
    for Columbia not to have an office for student affairs when, in fact, they do have such an office.

  2. Sprinkles  

    Whoa, whoa, I read this:

    "Members of the Columbia Military Veterans and other members of the military are not technically allowed to express opinions on the war"

    Is there anything less American than gagging people's opinions? WTF?

    • Think about it  

      Soldiers, as soldiers, are prohibited from expressing their opinion on policy matters. However, as citizens they can express their opinion on policy matters. Thus, a soldier could go to an anti-war rally or a pro-surge rally as long as he/she is not in uniform and does not voice their opinion AS a soldier.

      For example, I could say "I think the surge is a terrible idea, Iraq is in the middle of a civil war and I think we should just let them slaughter each other." However, I could not say "As a soldier I have a higher level of knowledge about policy matters in Iraq and thus I think the surge is a good idea."

      Also, soldiers are technically barred from discussing matters of religion or politics while in uniform, even informally.

      Why? Well, I think if you look around the world you'll see the problems fostered by a politicized military--Turkey, Thailand, Nigeria, etc--I think its the right policy to keep soldiers from taking positions on policy matters. As citizens and voters they should of course express their opinion, but a politicized military is dangerous.

      • Sprinkles  

        Well, that makes sense, but the way the Spec reports it, it sounds as if even thought members of Columbia MilVets are in civilian capacities as students, they are still not allowed to speak their minds.

    • military family  

      I hail from a military family with several members currently in Iraq/Afghanistan. There are reasons why soldiers (particularly officers) are not to speak in an official role on matters of policy. Think of a company/university/institution having official spokesmen so that 50 different "official" stances aren't being relayed. However, this does not mean that my family members do not have very strong feelings about such issues, and they voice these feelings under the correct circumstances.

      • sorry  

        i understand your point about current service members, but the quote refers to the columbia military veterans. aren't veterans allowed to speak their minds?

        • military family  

          Even active soldiers are free to protest as long as they are not in uniform... although it is a hazy line. As for military veterans... They should not be protesting in uniform. I think what they mean is that no soldier is to express opinions on policy in the capacity of a military representative (which the uniform generally represents). Sometimes vets are members of the IRR so they are not technically complete with their duty which makes the line hazy again.

          the long short of it all... all citizens have the right to free speech. If a member of the military chooses to celebrate such rights, they should do so in the capacity of a citizen, not as a military member.

          my $.02

  3. umm  

    how come no liveblogging of the war strike!

  4. H8r

    The GS column seems completely out of place and retarded, as usual.

  5. Elna  

    Hey Bwog...will you be offering coverage of the strike soon?

  6. Lydia  

    Strike coverage coming soon! If anyone wants to tell us about or send us photos from the teach-in, that'd be welcome too.

  7. Eric Chen

    I wrote When Anti-war is Anti-peace for the Spectator. I'm a member of MilVets.

  8. Schuess  

    If no one else will do it: thank you, Bwog, for the Talking Heads reference. Ya'll rock.

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