A WASTE of a Trash Can (ho ho ho ha ha ha)

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trashA political statement? A new age design? An inefficient way to store things on a square surface, with walls high enough that they don’t fall off? Stephen Thomas provides an investigative report of the strange object shown at right.

So I was doing my normal engineer-y thing today, I noticed that there was a trashcan seemingly without a place to deposit my trash. The only logical explanation was that some poor SEAS freshmen had been assigned this “Community Trashcan Design Project” for Gateway and submitted this as their final design. Money on them getting an A- for their work.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure that trashcan has been that way forever, or at least since I've been here (about 2.5 years).

  2. Anonymous

    it's been like that forever. The trashcan is turned around backwards with the trash opening facing the wall, largely because there is another trashcan within 5 feet of it and the custodial staff doesn't want to change and dump an extra load.

    boring Bwog. boring.

  3. yes!  

    someone else thought of the crying of lot 49 as soon as they saw this posting! i'm so glad!

  4. how about  

    some real news?

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