QuickSpec – Navelgazing edition

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  1. Meh  

    Find the illegal immigrant? One-upped by NYU Republicans (all three of 'em)? Perhaps it is time for bring back the "affirmative action bake sale."

  2. NYUCR  

    Following the main event, we will hold a reception featuring home made food and an All-American cross burning! It promises to be a fun-filled family event for all!

    • Seriously though  

      I'm against illegal immigration, but how fucking stupid do you have to be to hold this event? When I first started reading I thought they meant the democrats were hosting it.

  3. watcher  

    Uh... why did my comment from earlier correcting "Sun" to "Observer" get nixed? Normally, the protocol is you do a cross-out and leave an admin comment.

    Censorship! Orwellian State! Viva La Revolucion!

  4. yeehaw  

    I love ben's comics, but I am somewhat intimidated by his middle name. It looks like what an eastern european name would be if played backwards on a tape loop.

  5. I Just  

    wish Chris Kulawik would do this kinda stuff more. Its such a good feeling to catch an illegal. Just ask the minutemen! I think we should extend this game into Manhattanville, just to see how people react.

  6. mbot  

    I don't care much for the articles, but that is one cute bellybutton.

  7. please  

    CUCR is much too intelligent to have the type of event that the NYUCRs are having.

    • meh  

      Publicity is a bad thing? I mean, so long as they balance debate their "shocker" events with as much of an intelligent debate as NYU students are capable of having, there's nothing wrong with being provocative. I've been wondering where Kuwalik has been; let's get some more controversy, please.

  8. The point  

    about intelligence is accurate.

  9. contrary  

    to what gawker writes, the game is completely unoriginal to nyu: a bunch of schools in the midwest did it. in their defense, though, the bake sale wasn't original either. just goes to show that you normally need some members to not have to copy off of larger groups' ideas.

  10. bwoghater

    I'd just like to point out how horrible Bwog coverage has been on the political scene. Bwog hates the CUCRs and should find a fair writer to cover the political events. Good thing no one takes Bwog too seriously!

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