Guerilla art in Hamilton!

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BW’s art editor, Rachel Lindsay (also the woman behind that fantastic mural down in JJ’s) was really excited to find this unusual installation, and wrote in:

sfPeople try REALLY hard to get things noticed on the bulletin boards in Hamilton. But today: a clear winner — it just comes out and bites you. Check out the first bulletin board in the right hand stairwell of Hamilton for an art installation of an orthodontic tooth mold. To the artist: I hope it wasn’t bad experiences during the braces years that turned you into an angry artiste. AWESOME STUFF! KEEP IT UP!

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  1. daniella

    yeah, there was one in the 116th st. station in early february:


    child of a dentist?

  2. josh  

    There's also a set on the side of a telephone booth around 114 and Broadway.

  3. the mural in jjs  

    is fucking ugly.

  4. rachel's # 1 fan  

    you're fucking ugly.

    rachel and her art are orginal and beautiful.

  5. fuck you  


  6. i find that  

    mural interesting namely because it is one of very few student pieces of art on campus. the only other ones i can think of are the bird in front of ec and maybe those warholeseque seas crowns in the stairwell of mudd. and then maybe that graffiti mural in lerner.

    point is, there is almost no student art on this campus. back in high school like all the walls were covered with murals and most of admit, i must confess was pretty decent.

  7. hey  

    don't insult rachel or her mural. she is awesome, as is her art.

  8. qed  

    People are dicks on bwog. That is all.

  9. you know  

    I wouldn't have though to call the crowns in the stairwells of Mudd "Warhol-esque." I won't be able to turn it back off now; I wish I'd never heard that.
    I agree with the bit about high school though. There was student art everywhere, and, hey, it was better than bare bricks.
    Ditto stuff in classrooms. Particularly on the second floor of Mudd, the walls get downright depressing. Can't someone bring in a "Calculus has no limits!" poster or something?

    • I think  

      we should hire some artists to paint windows onto the cinder block walls on the lower floors of Mudd. Even fake daylight/views of campus would be less depressing than trying to learn mechanics in a windowless cell.

  10. Anonymous  

    Rachel is incredibly talented and a fantastic asset for our art scene on campus. Kudos to Rachel--she is active and involved in sharing her art with us all.

  11. said  

    like a true politician.

  12. Leroy Wells  

    That mural in the JJs basemment is dope. I tripped the fuck out when I first saw that shit. Props Rachel.

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