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  1. Anonymous  

    Finally, a sensible and respectable piece on Israel from Columbia students. I thought the day would never come.

    • are you kidding me?  

      Whether you support the analogy or not, the article was very poorly written. Most of the first half kept repeating something to the effect of "the analogy must be more nuanced." Great, now spend more time doing so.

      Considering that 2 students authored the article while 3 others contributed, I expected there to be more substance. Plus, the part about anti-American sentiment was completely unrelated to the apartheid analogy. Lastly, as the article was a criticism of Israel Apartheid Week, I would have expected at least 1 of the 5 contributers to make a specific reference to/critique of at least one of the week's lectures/events.

      Long story short, I don't agree with a lot of Israel's policies, but I also don't agree with a lot of the Israel-apartheid analogy; however, this article was mainly fluff. But then again, maybe the 2 authors are taking University Writing THIS semester...

  2. err  

    That article sucked. Nothing substantive about it at all.

  3. good god

    I guess Matt Sanchez must have tired of peddling his "I was possibly discriminated against once a year and a half ago!" story to anyone who will listen, and is ready to take on America's real public enemy - Ugly Betty.

    Gag me. I cannot believe they print this shit. Ugly Betty is the fluffiest, most innocuous show ever.
    "It's great that much of America thinks Betty is such a fairy-tale role model for young women, but would anyone claim that this show has a role model for young men?"
    Does it need one? Really? At least 90% of literature, movies, and television shows to date have been male centric. Women tend to be insipid plot contrivances to show off the hero's sex prowess or upstanding mortals or whatever. You want good male role models, watch Heroes, a show that's full of dudes acting dudeish while the women tend to get killed or locked up or nearly raped. Or Lost - lots of guys to model onself after, with one strong woman and a trail of dead or kidnapped chicks in the wake.
    Televison does not lack characters that could be role models for young boys - it's absolutely ridiculous that Sanchez is whining about one of the lone shows that has underdeveloped male characters instead of underdeveloped female characters for once. It makes me wonder...why does one single show with a slew of strong female characters bother Sanchez so much?

    • Columbian  

      So he is passionately concerned with racism, but is okay with sexism? I guess he realized that it is time for a new attention-getting tactic...

    • frumph  

      I think that all the characters on UB are one-dimensional caricatures (there was a good Spec article on this earlier in the year) but agree about the dearth of strong female characters in tv and movies. This is ridiculous. One show out of hundreds shows men acting like buffoons and having no real role? Woe.

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