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bvIf you stayed uptown today, you missed the 2nd annual New York City Pillow Fight –organized by the public art group newmindspace, it attracted over three hundred pillow-wielding New Yorkers to Union Square at 2:00 to wail on complete strangers.  Many in the crowd wore colorful and attention-drawing outfits, including a banana suit and several incarnations of William Wallace.  Also of note: some guy who somehow lost his shirt in the fray, another who somehow found a woman’s shirt and underwear in the mayhem, and the ironic smiley-faced pillow I got hit with repeatedly. Bwog wants a repeat!








– Steven Thomas

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  1. I would

    also like a pillow fight on campus.

    But when it isn't 25 degrees out.

  2. that  

    was one of the more interesting spontaneous events on campus this year. although, i'm really suprised there havent been more. the bwog really has the power to permit these sort of massive gatherings of people.

    capture the flag. water balloon fight. snow ball fight. etc etc. think people. and create.

  3. YES

    to a water balloon fight. that would be great.

  4. Felipe  

    What about Felipe Tarud?

  5. ...

    why did this get the "nyu" tag?

  6. Hipsters  

    Hipster alert! Hipster alert! Hipster alert! Beware, the BWOG is near. Time to listen to Matt and Kim.

  7. steve from omaha

    matt and kim is the only upcoming affordable show at the bowery. but they sound even better free.

  8. Kevin Bracken

    Here at the University of Toronto, where Newmindspace lives, we often get requests to put on more campus-centric events.

    One of the tenets of our philosophy is radical inclusionism, and this is not possible if one focuses merely on the 'hood you live in or school in. This only serves to make the community, in this case Columbia, more insular.

    That is why Newmindspace events never take place at the U of T, even though it has over 50,000 students, when it could take place in the city, for 2.7 million.

  9. Nina  

    There will be another pillow fight this year around finals time. No doubt organised the day before all my final papers are due...

  10. zuh!

    yeah, but at the undergrad level, u of t is arguably > than columbia.

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