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  1. green  

    That "ban laptops" article is the dumbest most paternalistic opinion column I've ever read. If your attention span is so weak that someone checking their mail distracts you, you shouldn't be at CU in the first place. Jesus. People should be allowed to multitask without whiners making a big deal of it. Most people type faster than they write and have grown accustomed to typing notes.

  2. NONE  


  3. agreed  

    laptops shouldn't be banned. i have the right to be unproductive.

  4. Uhmmm  

    I don't recall any guarantee in the Bill of RIghts for the right to be unproductive.

  5. abortion article  

    "As Foster claimed to speak for all women, I couldn't help noticing who she was leaving behind. The majority of the "joy of choosing life" anecdotes applied only to upper-middle-class white women. What about women who don't have the option, like poor minorities? Though she referenced a Hispanic mother of four who had an abortion because she could not feed her kids and died, Foster didn't say how a life with five children to feed would have been the jollier choice."

    Excuse me? Are we to understand that most women would choose death over 5 children? Who the hell is she to say that????

    • amen to #5  

      Hmm. A pro-abortion student attends a pro-life event, and doesn't like what the speaker has to say.

      How original. Haven't ever heard that one before.

      • true  

        but 1) the event was relatively exceptional as Foster invoked feminist rhetoric usually used to defend pro-choicers to instead support her own cause and 2) bernstein's article was very well written.

      • Seriously?  

        Did you actually just write "a pro-abortion student"? Nobody is pro-abortion. Nobody WANTS to get an abortion. Being pro-choice does not mean being in favor of abortions or being "pro-death." And to #13 - condoms break, the morning after pill isn't always readily available, and abstaining completely a) isn't an option in cases of rape and b) it's unrealistic to assume that all women who are in consensual relationships will.

        • Yeah but  

          Those arguments don't really hold water in terms of a pro-life argument, which posits that life begins in the womb. Sexual circumstance has no bearing on whether or not the fetus is an individual, the issue on which the morality of abortion hinges.

  6. laptops  

    I would actually argue that having internet access in lecture halls makes students MORE productive. Think about it. How many times in the pre-laptop days had you just spaced out in class, doodling, fantasizing about that beautiful person over there or even sleeping? Well now, instead of doing something completely useless like doodling, you can check your email or engage in any of millions of computer- and internet-related tasks, which are almost always going to be productive (at least in a loose sense), more so than sleeping anyway. Students are going to struggle to pay attention in any class. Banning laptops won't change that.

  7. wirc  

    That bitch can pry my laptop from my cold, dead fingers.

  8. and may I just add  

    that eliminating the wireless will just be more distracting, because everyone will spend at least the first ten minutes of class trying to see if they can connect to that one-bar signal from Morton Williams...

  9. Silly Girl  

    She should take a look at any graduate school class, especially law school. It would be extremely rare to see a student without a laptop.

    As was pointed out, if you are so distracted by someone else checking their facebook in class, then perhaps it's time to reconsider which classes you are taking.

  10. women  

    do have a choice.. putting on a condom... taking the morning after pill.. or abstaining completely... after that the decision has been made

  11. 73h 1337357  

    Bill Perkins is a n00b.

  12. Seriously  

    What about Felipe Tarud?

  13. im sorry  

    but maybe you shouldnt be having sex if birth control and the morning after pill aren't available.. if you still choose to then take responsibility for the risks... in the cases of rape... exceptions should be made... plus its not that easy to get pregnant.. there are alot of factors.. it can be easily avoided

  14. on a different note  


  15. dear im sorry  

    you're a guy.

  16. feminist  

    he's a guy?! shit! kill men!

  17. dear num 23  

    actually im a girl.. a responsible one

  18. pfff  

    i love sex and want to have it.

  19. ccsc 2007-2008  

    a little tip to bwog - mad facebook profile pic changing and open group campaigning going on right now. and the race for CCSC has begun!

  20. scandalous  

    As a pro-choice misogynist, I assure you I could have written a much more vitriolic denunciation of the Feminists for Life event than that silly girl Abby Bernstein.

  21. the tenure  

    the tenure article was really very good. bwog, keep quick-speccing these "implications" pages. even if they have a questionable heading, this years have been really good.

  22. Gimme a break  

    Banning laptops? Why? Because some dumb bitch can't help but check out ohmygodshoes.com every two minutes? The author of the article claims that she can't help but look over whenever someone is surfing the internet in class. Are you kidding me? You go to a fucking Ivy League school and you can't avoid the temptation to see what's playing on your neighbor's iTunes? Go to gell.

  23. law school classes

    Are definitely better in my few classes where the professor has banned laptops or made it very clear that checking email in class is not appropriate. It is undeniable that the discussion picks up. If I were a professor, I would not turn off the wireless, but I would make it clear that student should not use laptops for anything other than typing notes or looking up a class-related topic. You can't blame it on the professors - even the most engaging ones cannot reach students who switch off every three minutes.

  24. Anonymous

    awww. schnozzles.

  25. quiqui  

    That Bernstein article made me gag. The worst was, in refrencing her med-student gal pal who had an abortion: "And I'm pretty sure she feels more empowered about getting into her dream medical school than she would be changing the diapers of the baby she never wanted." Morally, I am pro-life. Politically, I abstain from the whole issue because I can't reconcile the idea of a nation that refuses to take care of poor children and mothers while banning abortion. Politically, abortion is a necessary tragedy for those who literally have no other option. Though Bernstein tut-tuted Serrin Foster for supposedly only speaking about upper middle class women who can have kids, careers, etc., her only example of someone "benefitting" from an abortion was her friend who is enrolled in a professional graduate school and will go on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a physician. I can swallow the idea of abortion as a necessary evil that women with no support or means in the world must suffer. I *cannot* stomach the "abortion is empowering to women" rhetoric, the cheerleading of abortion as something awesome that lets girls go off fearlessly into the world without any shitty diapers to worry about. And that's the only type of pro-abortion argument Abby Bernstein made. So I think she's full of shit and the article sucked.

  26. hmmm  


    an excellent feminist blog that is largely concerned with the abortion issue.

  27. i'm willing to bet  

    my salary that 99% of the pro-lifers never had actually had to make the choice for themselves. It's easy to tell other people what to do when you haven't been raped, when your man's condom never broke, when you were never too poor to afford a Plan B pill. I wish someone gave me the power to make decisions for other people that I would never have to make for myself. Oh no, wait...I don't, because that would make me a filthy hypocrite.

  28. part of 1%  

    so they are too poor to pay for the morning after pill but they can pay for an abortion.. doesnt make sense

  29. Well  

    Inequity is the foundation of capitalism.

    If you disagree you're a communist. See you in hell, commie.

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