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  1. mam  

    A-Len, you don't exist and you're bad at pong

  2. Felipe Tarud  

    is much more dynamic than a piece of BIRCH!

  3. two things  

    First: I didn't think Columbia had a publication more boring than The Current. I was wrong.

    Second: The Felipe thing is annoying. And creepy.

    • Chiara  

      Prichastiya! The first poem has made me feel bad that I am not studying for my russian test tomorrow which is about them.

      Unsurprisingly, this publication, as with any other publication on a specific topic, is boring to those that aren't interested in the topic but very much so to thus of us that are.

  4. Wow  

    The first poem is really, really good.

  5. kazzy

    The Georgian president, Mikhail Sakashvili, actually went to Columbia. Look how far that got him.

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