QuickSpec: Ironic Paradox Edition

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  1. At this point

    Karina Garcia resembles a cardboard cutout caricature designed by Fox News in order to make CU look bad.

  2. worst  

    worst Neuro article ever.

    • Yeah  

      I agree. The article didn't cite any neurological research in making its claims, and it glossed over the problems with Adderall and meth in order to condone their use. I remember when I used to think Columbia admitted people who were remarkable enough NOT to need to use dangerous stimulants in order to concentrate on writing a paper.

  3. Translation  

    "If there ever is a question [about the validity of an ID], ultimately it'll come to me." = If there is ever a question about the validity of an ID, it will come down to the size of your rack.

  4. Nobody reads it...  

    But did anyone notice that the opinions page today was just a rehash of the opinion blog?
    The Anna Nicole Smith article was basically a recap of the celeb blogger on there--with some stuff that seemed to be directly lifted...
    and the Staff Edit was the exact same column that Adam Brickman wrote yesterday...

    lazy much, Spec?

  5. Umm  

    why isn't there anything about ESC elections and mr/ms SEAS? bwog is biased.

  6. Man  

    Man, I wish there were MORE harmful effects of Adderall abuse, so those cocksuckers wouldn't be able to take it and get good jobs

  7. Are you  

    supposed to tip the people from CUSnacks? How much?

  8. Bender  

    That's not ironic, that's just analogous.

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