Cool Shit to Do on Purim

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Purim was the winning word for the 1983 National Scripps Spelling Bee.  It’s also a perfectly good excuse to get dressed up and drunk this weekend.

1) Midnight Masquerade: Megilahs of the Rich & Famous

The Chabad of Columbia is organizing a massive party on the East side and you don’t need to be Jewish to carouse.  They’ll be gathering at the Chabad House (113th between Riverside & Broadway) at 11pm and then pack celebrants in limousines headed towards the Park East Grill and Lounge (2nd Avenue and 81st Street).  There’s a $5 cover, but think of what it will buy you:  sexy girls dressed as Queen Vashti, free drinks, and a performance by “Chasidic Hip Hop’s newest sensation:  Ta Shma“.

2) Purim Cabaret

The JCC in Manhattan (76th and Amsterdam) is holding its annual Broadway show-

like extravaganza this Sunday night.  It’s a scripted musical with lots of innuendo and references that will remind you of your youth at shul.  Previous stars have included Anna Gasteyer (SNL) and Peter Gallagher (The dying O.C.).  If nothing else you’ll spot some quality costumes.

3) Eat Hamantaschen, Drink Wine

Get some of the best cookies in New York at William Greenberg Desserts or Bruce’s (Hamantaschen mean “Haman’s ears” and mock the guy who tried to kill all of the Jews.  Revenge!).  Then get some Manischewitz (wrong holiday, but who really cares?) and role-play.


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  1. Sprinkles  

    Is #1 on Saturday night?

  2. at Columbia...  

    there's going to be a huge party with a drag contest in Lower Level Mac. Maybe it's not as cool as limos.. but it should be a good time.

  3. umm  

    queen vashti was the one that broke out with leprosy...esther was the pretty one.

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