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A few tipsters report that Morton Williams has special floral baskets for single supermarket shoppers.  Perhaps the idea is that you’ll spot each other while choosing between fruits…”Do these melons look juicy?”…and leave together, or something.

This development comes with lots of high- and middle-brow buzz about Laura Sessions Stepp’s new book, Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose at Both.  It’s frightening, Stepp says, what sexual experiences girls from GW and Duke will admit to, with little shame.

Former Spec sex columnist Miriam Datstovsky had some words of wisdom to share on the “hooking up” culture, as quoted in the New York Times:  “As an overall thing, I don’t think there’s anything to be concerned about…College is the time when you make most of your mistakes.”


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  1. miriam  

    certainly should know a lot about making mistakes.

  2. Dear Bwogger  

    I've never mentioned it before, but it's so cool how you sign your posts with only your initials. Very post-modern, and a little pretentious. I bet it's a nice ego-boost, and you keep a veil of anonymity, cause we can figure it out on your staff page. Keep it up! I like only sort of knowing who's writing what I'm skimming.

    Yours in anonymous initials,

    • Initials  

      I had a professor who signed emails with his initials. But there was nothing anonymous about it...strange, huh?

      Then again, John Kerry allegedly signed things as "JFK" when he was at Yale!

    • Huh?  

      What the fuck is Pomo about initials?

    • Bwogger  

      Do you want to read people's names on every little post? I would think people were throwing their names around - it bothers me on the Fed, for example, how they do the t.o.c. by name and the article jumps by name as well. At the same time, I think it's better than the posts being unsigned, because if you get pissed at one, it's nice to be able to tell who wrote it - like you said, you can tell through the staff page. It's functional.

  3. nono  

    omg supermarket sweep.

  4. JTFC  

    I always sign things by my initials

  5. really?  

    college is where you make "most" of your mistakes?

    what about, um, life?

  6. no name  

    supermarket sweeeeeep

  7. great

    "As an overall thing, I don't think there's anything to be concerned about..."

    So insightful that it hurts. Thanks Miriam!

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