QuickSpec: ¿Que Pasó?

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  1. lo que  

    pasooo pasoooo.. entre tu y yo

  2. Anonymous  

    si si....fue awsome-isimo!

  3. really  

    where is eyepoke, bwog?

  4. confused  

    "She told me I don't need to get a pap smear test until I'm 21 because it's only necessary for those who are sexually active. I said I was having sex with a girl but she acted like it didn't count," Stenzel said.

    What? So she wanted the doctor to tell her to get an unnecessary pap smear in order to avoid being heterosexist?

  5. comment

    i agree that students are over-reacting, but...
    sex between women isn't limited to oral sex, some people engage in higher risk activities, and so it probably is a good idea for clinicians to recommend procedures based on sexual practices rather than sexual preference

  6. the eye  

    the eye's feature article this time around is actually quite interesting:

  7. well  

    "acted like it didn't count"--are the operative words. there are ways of doing that which are incredibly homophobic and ways which aren't. the article doesn't say, really. so give the student the benefit of the doubt, no?

    • Just a thought  

      There are reasons it wouldn't count, as in the individual may have only recently become sexually active, or may not have engaged in any riskier behaviors, whether hetero- or homosexual.

  8. The Pap

    Besides, can't you only get HPV (which is what the pap is testing for) from an infected fluids?

  9. HPV  

    Actually, you can get HPV through any kind of genital contact, which does include 'gina to 'gina.
    And that can be the least risky sex possible, or even very recent sexual activity, #10.

  10. Sprinkles  

    I still want to know why Columbia doesn't offer Gardasil.

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