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News has it (or shows, rather) that Barnard radio station WBAR has unleashed a new website, featuring a new-and-improved albeit bizzarely colonial layout. Noteable changes also include a “Now Playing” sidebar that features a photo for the show currently on air, a more organized online schedule, and a “Show of the Week” feature if you’re uncertain about what’s playing.

As far as our suggestions go for specific radio shows, we hear that Play With Your Radio is pretty badass — although for a real explanation of what it’s about, you should listen for yourself. Also a good bet (and with a two-year [plus?] WBAR history) is Turtles All The Way Down with David S. Another favorite, Side A/Lado B, plays a mix of Latin and English rock on late Thursday afternoons. Also, Friday morning talk show Disgruntled Optimism promises an interview with Senator Joe Lieberman every week, “as well as taped segments with various members of Columbia’s most outspoken housing staff.”

Only on freeform college radio.

Outside of the typical airwaves: a team of Columbia students premiered their own new station, S.O.A.P. Box Radio Collective, from of a campus dorm room last Friday. Defined as an alternative media project, that is a “collective first and a radio station second,” S.O.A.P. Box has been publicized around campus and within some grassroots activist circles, as well as IndyMedia.

For something away from the vicinity of Morningside Heights, Bwog editor Jessica Cohen suggests Fordham Radio WFUV’s CityScape and CD of the Week. The award-winning CityScape covers an array of New York City issues every Saturday morning while CD of the Week promises a newly released album on Thursday nights.

College radio lives?


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  1. kingship  

    strictly kingship

  2. win butler

    really nice redesign. i try tuning into some of the college rock shows. i'd be interested if anyone else does, though.

    can anyone confirm if wbar is going to be around this summer as they start to tear down the mac? (and, of course, again in the fall).

    • Wbar  

      It'll be aroudn this summer and during the fall, but in a new location - the Reid basement. They'll probably have applications for summer staff on the nifty new website soon.

  3. colonial  

    we were going for a nationalist 20th century egypt theme

  4. Amy Winehouse  

    They tried to make me go to rehab - I said NO, NO, NO.

  5. Nellie McKay

    fuck you, columbia. fuck you indeed.

    - nellie from harlem

  6. yb detsoP  

    FUJIYAAAAAAAAAAAA AND MIYAGIIIIII. that shit is hot. when do tix go on sale?

  7. What, Bwog?

    You write about Fordham's station and some dorm room project, but fail to mention WKCR? You should really listen.

  8. SCEG rep  

    WBAR displaced take back the night!

  9. ...

    kcr isn't a real college radio station either. it's the radio wing of the board of trustees. bar is college radio. fuck, it uses coils.

  10. ???  

    And fordham doesn't get a chunk of that audience, too? Don't get your argument...

  11. ***

    fuv's definitely one of the top college radio stations in the country. kcr's format is more conducive to something of an npr. bar is more of what most people expect out of college radio (that is, independent and underground music).

    • hmm...  

      Uh, a couple of things- fuv actually IS an NPR affiliate... KCR is totally independent, and even if it is a bit more structured and has more history than most college radio stations, it certainly still has independent and underground music. Maybe the students just take it a bit more seriously?

  12. blargh!

    if by more seriously, you mean run by students with rods up their asses. that's kcr. (dig through the spec archives to learn more about the past five years of kcr sports to get a good idea of the corruption that is that cesspool of space in lerner called wkcr.)

  13. ...

    the "archives" portion of the site isn't working.

  14. mike

    david s has actually been doing wbar for more like 5+ years.

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