1. wondering  

    why the moon was glowing from its edges today.

  2. sev  

    saw it from the roof of Broadway. twas pretty cool

  3. Missed it  

    But the Voyage to the Moon image warms my heart.

  4. speaking of  


    it's high time the belle jar came around again

  5. that was a  

    total eclipse of the heart

    • i appreciate  

      the bonnie tyler reference.

      Once upon a time I was falling in love
      But now I'm only falling apart
      There's nothing I can do
      A total eclipse of the heart

      Once upon a time there was light in my life
      But now there's only love in the dark
      Nothing I can say
      A total eclipse of the heart

  6. ...  

    Too cloudy? Balderdash!

    I saw the whole spectacle quite clearly from atop Morningside Park.

  7. abroad

    Great view from outside London. Didn't know it was happening til I saw it though.

  8. Hah  

    So *that's* why there was a kid outside my apartment repeating this dialogue every two seconds:

    Kid: Mom, where's the MOOOOOOOON?
    Mom (on the phone): Sssh! I don't KNOW!

  9. test  

    [email protected]

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