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It’s Matthew Fox, of Lost fame. We hope this is a joke. (Though some of you commenters in the other thread seemed prescient…)

A genuine teevee celebrity! Chris Szabla reports:

“The general mood among seniors: either appalled, or wondering if Quigley and Chait were playing an extended joke. Even the video montage of headshots from the likes of Party of Five failed to quell rumors this was some kind of gag.”

UPDATE 7:00PM: Spec has a full story up and running, complete with delicious reactions.

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  1. haha

    at least he's a doctor

  2. well  

    he did go here. not like that is justification - just an explanation.

  3. ...  

    I hope this is a joke. And if not-

    ugh...and this is AFTER Lost has gone so downhill, too!

  4. in the minority  

    i'm excited. it's validating for seniors that want to go into entertainment to know that it's possible to be successful at it, even at the price of disdain from other alums.

    • i agree  

      damn, all y'all Fox haters are bumming me out. i'm so disappointed that i'm graduating next year instead of this. how easy is class day to sneak into?

    • "entertainment"  

      No one is poo-pooing on entertainment. It's B-list and a particular sort of entertainment (the lame kind) that they're taking issue with. Really, entertainment is dandy, but one would hope it would be either someone really funny, or someone who was famous or pimp enough that he could take a shit in our face and still be applauded (think Kusher or DePalama). If it's just a straightforward actor, it would be nice if the speaker could be powerful and captivating (think Dennehy).

      • Pro fox  

        KushNer spoke within the last 10 years, which disqualifies him from speaking.

        DePalma... Well I don't really know why he couldn't speak, but maybe he didn't want to? And would you really enjoy a speaker who doesn't want to be there?

        And Dennehy spoke before V-Show last year, and he wasn't all that captivating.

  5. hmm  

    What a ridiculous disappointment. If the class council had to choose a no-name speaker, they at least could have brainstormed creatively enough to choose someone truly accomplished in their field. There must be ONE brilliant CC alum SOMEWHERE...

  6. ...

    was gideon yago unavailable?

  7. ...

    speech preview!

    In addition to meeting his future wife, while at Columbia, Fox played in the 16-13 victory over Princeton in 1988 that broke Columbia's record 44 game losing streak. Regarding what it felt like to finally win, Fox stated, "I had a 40-yard touchdown that was called back. It was a rainy day and the sidelines were muddy, and I got chucked coming off the line and apparently went out-of-bounds. I thought I scored, but it was called back. But more than anything, I remember the immense relief and euphoria that win brought. We had gotten the crap knocked out of us for a long time. Every week we lost, we were news. Then the goal posts came down, and the campus partied for two days. It was a great day."

  8. Brian DePalma

    I directed "Scarface." I should get to speak.

  9. who cares  

    From Wikipedia:

    Regarding his relationship with his wife and the longevity of their marriage, Fox said that his wife understood that there existed within him forces that were "brutal", "base", and "violent". "Margherita knows it exists within me," Fox stated, "And she's very attracted to it."

    I hope he talks about his kinky sex life on class day.

  10. wow  

    most columbians are entitled to the thrill and excitement of 3 housing lottery results and 1 class day speaker...i went 0/4.

  11. this is  

    such bullshit. the guy was a male model and then happened to land a role on party of five -- can we get someone who has actually done something good for the world rather than a guy who just happens to look good in tight shirts? i didn't realize CC was supposed to prepare us to be on a cheesy show.

  12. fwiw

    this is worse than jodie foster at penn.

  13. boo.  

    can we protest the class speaker? can we say, we would rather have silence than captain jack? or doctor jack or whateverthehell? do we realize that he would be better introduced as jack than as matthew? does this UPSET US?

  14. wow  

    "Immediately after Quigley made the announcement, many could be heard muttering about the identity of the alumnus, a confusion that only partially subsided after Quigley played a slideshow of Fox's photos over the a rendition of The Final Countdown."

    that sounds totally hilarious. bummer, though.

  15. Who?

    What about those of us who have never watched Lost and have never heard of this guy?

  16. LUCY SNOWE  

    at least he's hot

  17. really?  

    does choosing a good-looking prick seem a little more princeton than columbia? i thought at least we were supposed to be artsy and interesting...

    • Aaah, but see  

      It is superifically artsy and interesting. Either this reflects the 15-person committee that chooses speakers (David Chait und so weiter), or it reflects the fact that all the actually interesting (or at least more notable and famous) simply turned down the offer. I'm not sure which option is more depressing.

  18. CC06

    I can't decide if this is better or worse than McCain ... but trust me, protesting your Class Day speaker is a lot of fun. Orange buttons really stand out against the blue gowns.

  19. Yes.  

    This is EXCELLENT.

  20. AWFUL  

    Is this the best that they could muster? Why not Paul Auster?

    • seriously?!  

      You want the emotional, artsy Jew before the steak and potatoes, football-playing hunk of carnal desire who got to star within only feet of Neve Campbell? THE Neve Campbell!!!

  21. Oh god  

    Where is the ISO? Something needs to be protested!

  22. The video  

    was hilarious.

  23. Matthew Fox

    Ya'll some haters.

  24. get over it  

    I think Fox is a great choice... He's young, so he's not so removed from the Columbia experience, and he should be entertaining since he makes his money as an entertainer. I personally think this is a lot better than some politician or some CEO.

  25. Felipe Tarud  

    should be class day speaker.

  26. ugh  

    even robert kraft was at least a real contributor to columbia. this needs protesting, if anything. I mean, I'd almost rather have jim least it would get media.

    my parents will be so appalled to see this after shelling out 40k a year for my presumably top quality education. this screams: look at the laughable future you bought your children!

  27. ...  

    This event will single-handedly bring Columbia's US News and World Report ranking down by at least five spots.



  29. STOP  


  30. consultation?  

    I seem to remember the senior class was at least consulted in previous years? were we? in some e-mail i deleted?

  31. ...  

    when will it be on the CU homepage under "Columbia News?"

    • seriously  

      how can they possibly add this in with al gore and such? I mean, shit, looking at the gore-sachs thing makes me realize there are more interesting people within the university already.

      I nominate: richard bulliet. DRAFT BULLIET NOW!

  32. wikipedia  

    "Fox played football for the Deerfield team, which earned him an invitation to Columbia University."

    he was possibly not even acadeically qualified to be here. sad.

  33. let's play..  

    ...choose the more bland and generalized statement!

    "It doesn't get much better than being a member of the Columbia College class of 2007," Quigley said. "There aren't many groups with your set of talents and abilities. ... For all of us, it's just been great to have you around here."


    "Football taught me a lot about life," Fox was quoted as saying in an official University press release. "Playing at Columbia University, I felt I was part of the solution. Learning to get up and move on even in the face of adversity. My experiences at Columbia have taught me to believe in myself when other people don't and persevere no matter the challenge"


    We should nix the rule making it only alumni or people connected to the school that can speak. Seriously, that's limiting.

    • yes and no  

      They should move the speaker to the university-wide day that way we have our pick from SEAS and Barnard. Whatever complaints people have about Barnard it is undeniable that its graduations - before and after 1985 or is it 1986 - have achieved bigger and better things than their female counterparts at the college.

      But as another poster said. Why not Paul Auster? He posed on the cover of Columbia today, so his fighting with the school is presumably over? Obama hates columbia, granted. But what about Justice Baader-Ginsberg?

      • umm  

        bader-ginsberg went to the law school, which is so separate from the rest of the university it doesn't even attend commencement, I believe. anyway she only even went there as a transfer to be closer to her husband or something.

        the point isn't that there aren't better people available. the point is that we've all been the victims of some seriously poor taste among the selectors...

  35. babyblues  

    what kind of bullshit decision is this? who the fuck approved this shit. but whatever, I am gladly skipping his speech, saves me a whole day of wearing babyblue.



    He's popular enough. And considering the 10yr turnover rate for these speakers, it's now or never.

    Don't use your ignorance of television culture to say you've never heard of this guy. He's done more than just Lost, also.

    The supply of Al Gores or Bill Clintons isn't unlimited. At worst, we got a little bit unlucky, but it's not the end of the world. I, for one, intend on getting a poster autographed at least.

    • i was waiting...  

      ...for some jackass to say it's not that bad. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? just face it, it's disappointing for Columbia College to get someone who is a whimper of a blip on the 'television culture' radar. i can't take it, the committee completely failed, don't justify anything.

      • dead to me  

        "i can't take it, the committee completely failed, don't justify anything."

        Let's not put blame on the committee. They didn't do anything that we shouldn't have expected. I lost faith in David Chait a long time ago. If there was one thing I though I could rely on my class president to do, it was be honest and transparent. But then his facebook profile became inaccessible. When attractive sorority girls do it to prevent stalking, fine. But they're not my class president. He is, and the secrecy makes me cry. The purple ink on my index finger is a lie.

  37. COME ON.  

    matt fox is one of the most successful YOUNG columbia grads in the arts and entertainment industry. this holier than thou attitude of some columbia students is bs...

  38. keb

    At least it's not some politician who is just going to instigate huge fights and moaning. Fox might end up being a really good speaker. An "Al Gore" or "Bill Clinton" would just end up pissing off some portion of the crowd and create reason for another stupid arguement on campus, whereas we can all agree that LOST has gone seriously downhill as of late.

    • agreed  

      this will be awesome for class unity, as we collectively storm the stage in disgust. far better than matthew fox breaking the endless columbia football losing streak (note to quigley: finally winning a football game is not an achievement).

  39. am i lost  

    hallucinating, or did all the bitchy anti-fox comments after 50 just get voted off the island?

  40. ahem  

    list of people...many are still alive. all are alumni of columbia college, specifically. matthew fox is one of the least impressive names on this list. even emmanual ax playing piano would have rocked him.

    looking at the actors alone...even julia stiles would have been a more appropriate choice. or dan futterman. not to mention van peebles, george segal, or ben stein!

  41. What were the other  

    what were the other names of the list? David Chait has been a solid class president for four years, so I find it very hard to imagine (I hope) that he would suddenly be plagued by some sort of spell of stupidity.

  42. lost fan  

    lost is wonderful. it has not gone down. it makes Wednesday live-able. but matthew fox is horrible.

  43. ...

    well, what do you know -- another fine example of red tape farking up a columbia event.

    • umm  

      red tape? nah. this is one thing you can't blame the bureaucracy for. plenty of great speakers come here every week, despite them. this should not have been an exception.

  44. From SEAS

    heh. heh heh heh. Ha ha ha. HO HO HO. Haaaaa HAH HAH HAH HAH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  45. Okay here's the plan  

    Someone (not me, I have midterms) needs to go ahead and make a website, get a petition going, and get parents to call in en mass. This is an embarassment. I am simply shocked. This is fucking awful. Disgusting. Alternatives, after spending 2 minuts on wikipedia:

    David Patterson
    George Stephanopoulos
    Jerry Fodor
    Jim McGreevey
    James Rubin
    Joel Klein
    Paul Starr
    Fucking David Horrowitz
    FUCKING Mark Rudd
    I'd take Scooter Libby over Matthew Fox.

    • plan redux  

      I have to go study right now, but i am relying on the collective power of bwog to come up with a domain name for an anti-fox website. is available... but thats not creative. Someone come up with a good domain name and I'll buy it. Someone else volunteer to design it b/c I have no idea how to do websites.

      We'll need a forum on there, a petition, and a couple of pages too explain why Fox disgusts us.

      I will check back in 60 minutes... bwog I am relying on you.

    • Jim McGreevey?  

      You're an idiot. McGreevey was a corrupt politician who was funneling funds for his personal use and doing all sorts of illegal and shady shit - he about to get caught and drummed out of office when he convienantly came out of the closet to distract the press from the real issues of his office. Unfortunately, it worked. He's not a pioneer for gay rights - he's a sleazy, corrupt scumbag who actually set gay rights back a few years with his little stunt. Do your homework. If you think McGreevey of all people would be a better choice, then you're a jackass.

  46. Seriously?  

    Truly shameful. This is one of the most important things that the class council does all year. A New York city councilman would have been more relevant.

  47. hey  

    why not nominate a beloved professor? i would love to hear a cool prof who knows the college, has students in the audience, knows how to give a good speech and crack a few jokes or something, then they could go all out trying to get a really big name, CU-related or not, for university commencement. sure, it'd be great to have an awesome grad every year, but Fox seems like not a top choice, and if we get however far down the list to people of his level, why not get someone on our world-class faculty to go be world-class?

  48. ...

    seeing manhattanville on the horizon and destined to make an impact on those empty envelopes that await our '07 graduates at their permanent addresses, a columbia grad in new york city government would be very relevant.

    and a far better choice than this joke.

  49. ...

    columbia - for whatever the reason (bwog, help?) - chooses not to invite a university commencement speaker. so instead we get to hear prezbo opine on the first amendment.

  50. Friend  

    I blame Felipe Tarud.

  51. lame  

    Why not a scientist? Why not an academic? Why on earth a television star? I agree with many posters above - I'm embarrassed to tell my parents about the speaker.

  52. senior  

    hey senior fund people,

    I have still not contributed even a penny to your attempt to make our school look better on the us news list. it looks like it would have been in futility anyway, this is destined to make us drop in the peer rating category. but surely you're all affiliated with ccsc, and have some influence in this class day matter. a large contribution to the fund is waiting to say "I knew they could do better"...

  53. lame  

    this is pathetic. we definately could get mark rudd though. and even he would be better than this douche.

  54. ...

    methinks some idiot in columbia pr believes this will get the school on national tv, like foster did with penn last year. though to be fair, i have no idea who this dude is outside of what's been posted. and he sounds like a dud. a jock dud too.

    unfortunately for columbia pr, the only press on the horizon will come from the other elite schools laughing at us over the next few weeks.

  55. people  

    people, contact your parents, tell them to call and e-mail in.

    Write an e-mail to bollinger, to Chait, to whoever saying you will never give a penny as an alumni if this stands.

    Yea, actually, someone figure out who should be harassed about this.

  56. Lost fan

    I love Lost (yeah, yeah, Season 1 > S2 and 3 combined), but still, HAHA at the '07ers.

  57. petition?  

    People are taking this way too fucking seriously. It's just class day, not an event that actually matters, like your wedding or the night you lost your virginity.

    Nobody will give a shit in about a week. Smoke some weed and chill out, people.

    • dude

      the night you lost your virginity is supposed to matter?

    • idiot  

      you remeber your college graduation for the rest of your life. and now those memories will include...matthew fox.

    • okay  

      yea, i think you need to grow up. Thats incredibly frivolous. I should value the night I lost my virginity more than the day I graduate from college? Are you serious?

      Come back when you're not high.

      • Wait

        Really? I'm COMPLETELY inclined to disagree with you. Graduating college is just a formality.

        Hell, it doesn't even have to be your virginity. Sex *whenever* trumps college graduation. Drunk, unconscious, even when it's not that fun -- way the fuck better than graduating.

        Maybe you're doing it wrong!

        This sounds mean! But I'm basically serious!

  58. Wow  

    A television star would be fine. Matthew Fox is hardly a star. Totally irrelevant choice.

  59. rebellion

    i don't remember my high school graduation.

    oh shit. that's cause i was sloshed and didn't bother going.

    guess what i'll be doing on 5/15?

  60. What?  

    You guys are right. We should not have a class day speaker who is a succesful young alumnus with a strong connection to school who has done something with his life other than be a politician. There is more in life than politicians, bankers, and consultants.

    • wow  

      has anyone suggested a banker or consultant? this guy is a serious tool. he was a football recruit, frat boy, and actor on dumb tv shows and movies. only vanity pulled him away from his wall street job offer.

  61. second that  

    This is going to be a great Class Day.

  62. Dean Quigley  

    is sexy.

  63. Desmond  

    Jack/Kate 4evah!

    Also, I hope he tells us the secret of the island(s).

  64. Lost  

    I think that it's all in hurley's head?

  65. oh man  

    Y'all need to chill out. No one remembers their college graduation. At least, no one who would be worth knowing. Relax and just enjoy the simple pleasure of going to such a rich and insane school. It doesn't mean anything, your existence and essence are preserved in the murky balm of self-congratulatory diploma/career -seeking masturbation. Go smoke a J, eat some JJ's, and go gossip about rumors that Bill O'Reilly and Avi Zenilman will both be on Lost Season Four. Wankers...

  66. Eric Cartman  

    This is hella lame.

  67. Sprinkles  

    Hear that?

    That's the sound of the rest of the Ivy League laughing their asses off at us.


  68. Julia K.  

    In 50 years, people will still be reading, performing, and debating Tony Kushner's "Angels in America." Robert Kraft's donations will still be benefitting countless people. I doubt "Lost" is going to leave even a fraction of that kind of impact on the world.

    Shame on the people involved in choosing the Class Day speaker. This is one of the most distinguished universities in America, and we can't find someone who's left more of a legacy? What about the scientists, the statesmen (and women), the visionaries? Instead, we get a TV actor who half the people in the room didn't recognize. It's sad that people about to graduate from Columbia couldn't make a better choice.

  69. Missing the point

    The point is not how important our college graduation is to our lives. The point is that thousands of us will be forced to sit through a crappy speech.

  70. i never thought  

    it would get this bad. this isn't about being pretentious, it's about not being COMPLETELY embarrassed when the world finds out we asked some jagoff-nobody, an angry, violent former football player (who, though he was a senior at the game that ended the losing streak, must have contributed to that streak before his senior year) from columbia's darkest decade (though i wouldn't want to insult ghostbusters) to speak at graduation day. Bill Clinton is speaking at Knox College, and I would trade our speaker for Paul Reubens (as Pee-Wee) in a heartbeat. the fuck?

  71. julia  

    is right on here!

  72. I got it

    Why doesn't Chait just speak? He's gotta be better than Fox. Just hand him his diploma before he does so, so the rules are satisfied -- wham bam thank you ma'am!

  73. Bonus

    Can Bwog just have its own counter-graduation? Then we can invite anybody we want.

  74. Bari  

    This is so repulsive I don't think it's real.

  75. disaproval  

    People to write to:

    David Chait:

    Dean Quigley:


    Sample Letter #1:

    Dean Quigley,

    I am writing to express my strong opposition to Matthew Fox as the CC Class Day Speaker. I do not want a performance by a c-list celebrity whose notoriety is based on a couple of bad TV shows to define my class day. I am honestly unable to comprehend how he was selected and I am embarrassed to inform my friends and family of the University's choice.

    I am sure that since the choice has already been announced, it is "final and irreversible". Well, my response is also final and irreversible. I will not be giving to the Senior fund unless he is
    replaced and this will certainly affect my willingness to contribute to the University in the future.

    I strongly urge you to find a replacement for Matthew Fox.



    2nd Sample Letter

    LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!1111 MATTHEW FOX?!?!?!?! HE SUXX, U SUK. NO FOX!!!!!1111 ANYONE BUT FOX!!!!11111111



  76. i guess  

    i'm glad i didn't go that dean quigley thing today when he made the announcement. i probably would've thrown something at david chait's head.

    what a horrible mistake.

  77. uhh  

    were you not at the winter gala last week?

  78. EXAMPLE  

    Lerner Pubs run themselves, you know

    • oh wow  

      you mean he maintained an institution previous class councils ran? man, what an asset to the school. and a high school prom rehash? bravo. no wonder we're stuck with matthew fox.

  79. nonono  

    what's fair is fair. chait has been a good class president the past four years. sadly, this extremely serious mis-step will ruin his legacy as the best class president in years.

  80. wow  

    wow people get off your high horses. two reflections
    1) y'all clearly think columbia is too amazing for matthew fox to be the speaker. hm did it ever occur to you that maybe no one else wants to speak? maybe no one else wants to pander to the sissies. maybe no one else wants to be embarassed like McCain or the minutemen? mull that over

    2)dave chait is the best class president cc has seen. unlike other offices he doesnt do it all just for the "glory" of being on ccsc, he actually cares about the students and about columbia.

    go study for your midterms, go to the gym, go spend this energy on issues that desrve the sort of fire and rage that has been posted. who the hell cares who the speaker is in the bigger scheme of things? put things into perspective.

    • i agree  

      You people are an embarassment to columbia. I am ashamed to go to school with individuals that find greater important in protesting the class day speaker because they do not find him to be up to par with their pretentious expectations than matters of greater importance. Name another potential speaker-- anyone would be protested, this is the nature of the school. And that is not a compliment.

      Get over the legacy of 1968, everything that happens that doesn't work your way does not necessitate crying to your parents and starting facebook groups.

    • wow  

      wow people get off your high horses. two reflections:

      1) he might get to be a big, A-list celebrity some day and use his notoreity for something UN UNICEF Ambassador Angelina Jolie or speak out against Darfur and whatnot. in addition, WE MIGHT ALL GET AUTOGRAPHED HEADSHOTS. OMG.

      2) Fox News hates us. Hannity and Colmes, Bill O'Reilly, Rupert Murdoch. Can't you see that Quigley (HE IS THE COMMITTEE) struck a deal so that the second-rate news outlet won't target us anymore?! I can read the headlines now: "FOX NEWS: FOX TO SPEAK AT COLUMBIA"


    • haha  

      you can't honestly believe that NO ONE else could/wanted to speak at class day except for matthew fox, even after the minutemen controversy. what bullshit.

      and i'll admit that i did vote for chait all 4 years, because i think he's done (up til now) a good job. however, THIS decision is completely baffling to me. why wasn't the class of 2007 consulted in this, at any stage of the process? why couldn't we vote on our own speaker? at least then we could blame ourselves.

  81. eureka!  

    Václav Havel should give the class day speech. Columbia could give him an honorary degree. Problem solved.

  82. Dave Chait ...  

    brought us free new york times

  83. Kim W

    What a bunch of judgemental little pricks! Who are any of you to sit in judgement of someone's accomplishments in life? Statistically, half of you will end up not even working in your degree field, so get a grip you high and mighty little whiners!

  84. your face  

    What the fuck do you know about statistics you dumbass Kim W? I'm columbia, bitch -- statistically, i'm going to run shit and make more money and fuck more bitches than this loser. eat my ass matt fox

  85. Ashley

    I'm a huge LOST fan so I'm very excited to see Matthew Fox. I LOVE him, he's so good on LOST.

  86. gisele guys are unbelievable! AhAh.I don't even understand what are you talking about since the best we could have as speaker here is some 100 years old cool.You'll have an actor there.just enjoy his speech.if you don't know or like him,who the hell cares?he's a good looking man,just stare at him and get over yourself.jeez...

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