Class Day Speaker Can’t Do Any Worse Than Jodie Foster at Penn

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clintonColumbia College Dean Austin Quigley is hosting a senior class reception tonight at 5:30 in Lerner’s Satw Room. The event announcement mentions a “SUPER SECRET-HUGE-AMAZING announcement at 6:00pm sharp,” which, Bwog hears, is the identity of the 2007 Class Day speaker. We’re hoping for a speaker who’s a bit more Tony Kushner than John McCain – perhaps that gent to the right?

Guesses as to the secret identity welcome, though we feel safe in saying that it won’t be Barack “Alma Mater Who?” Obama.

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  1. Class Day Rules

    say, I believe, that the speaker has to be a Columbia alum or faculty.. they made a special exception for McCain.

    Al Gore?

    Or maybe the announcement is Quigley is pulling a Zvi and stepping down?

  2. alma mater what?  

    Bwog will be letting us know at 6:01 what/who the announcement is, right?

  3. DPD  

    After losing the 2000 election, Gore was a visiting professor at the J-School.

  4. watcher  

    The rule is that you have to be in some way affiliated with the CCSC family. McCain got in because of Megan. Gore, while an adjunct at the J-School, has no CC ties.

  5. what?  

    what affiliation does Bill Clinton have with CCSC?

  6. I can only hope  


    He was in Spiderman.

    Spiderman goes to Columbia.

  7. how about  

    rick moranis!

  8. none  

    You absolutely can do worse than Jodie Foster at Penn. The speaker is way, way worse. Think B-movie actors you've never heard of.

  9. jodie  

    went to yale.

    but rick moranis, yea that would be fucking sweet. how about kirk cameron? what has he been up to lately. maybe john goodman. oh, boy i can't wait.

  10. the people  

    Bwog keeps poking fun at Obama and his school pride--did he say something awful about Columbia that we missed? dish! dish! We love the drama

    • nope  

      the point is that he almost never references columbia. he was here as a transfer for two years, lived in some shitty absentee landlord tenement off campus because there wasn't enough housing back then and made few friends, so there probably isn't much for him to say anyway.

  11. maybe it's  

    from Lost. (better known as dr. jack shepperd, CC'88). and, yes, Bwog, that's so much fucking worse than jodie foster.

  12. ehd  

    not to mention I think the area he lived in has since been gentrified. What cause is there to reference it anyway? I think I read somewhere that he spent most of his time here with his head buried in his books anyway, not terribly social or rahrahrah with the school spirit. Which describes most people here.

  13. matthew fox  

    is his name

  14. DPD  

    Oof, Matthew Fox WOULD be worse than Jodie. Damn.

  15. They should get  

    John Stewart. He made fun of us on National TV, thats a connection.

  16. pshh  

    No! Stephen Colbert! I'm sure there's a connection there somewhere...

  17. dudeferreal  

    at least Kraft and his organization won a superbowl title (didn't he?). And he built that Hillel building. What does Fox do? Lost shmost.

  18. Please please  

    please let it be Colbert. He gave a great speech at Knox:

  19. Colbert  

    is made of awesome. That would be too good to be true, and they might want someone more serious. :(

  20. Borat  

    Harvard had Ali G in character a couple years ago... let's outdo them with Borat... CHENQUE!

  21. fuckin  

    yo, fuckin RICKY GERVAIS

  22. Anonymous

    No word on the SEAS class day speaker?

  23. I really hope it's  

    Brian Depalma

  24. Imweekslate  

    How come Bwog didn't catch this

    Why doesnt Kuluwik just set up camp over at Fox, the brown nosing traitor.

    • ok, so  

      i was unaware that enrolling at columbia meant you had to loe columbia. because i for one hate it here. anyways, back to the point: since when does speaking out against something that happened here make someone a traitor? by that logic hillary clinton = benedict arnold?? wha??

  25. legacy

    Maggie Gyllenhaal's newborn would be better than Matthew Fox.

  26. oh wait

    fuck that. Spike Lee. My money's on Spike. Pretty sure he's just auditing, not pursuing a degree. When The Levees Broke was incredible, the Knicks will be done for the season, Outside Man won't start filming for a year, it all checks out...

  27. Sprinkles  

    My money is on a certain ex-mayor.

  28. cupcake  

    maybe McDreamy will stop by

  29. Best-case scenario  


  30. ...

    it's conor oberst. before you people start going, "who the fuck is...?" just google. an interesting choice, but not sure how it directly relates to columbia. oh well. not my graduating class.

  31. SPEAKER  

    Matthew Fox. Confirmed.

  32. Jodie Foster  

    would have been much, much better.

  33. that  

    is so sad. oh, poor class of 2007.

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