1. alum  

    it must be campaign time. students are claiming to have solved off-campus flex.

  2. hmm  

    second bwog post referencing purim, a holiday I'd never heard about before coming here. are we going to see some "home for eid" posts in the future or should we all just assume a bit of cultural presumption/tunnel vision here?

    • hrm  

      "second bwog post referencing purim, a holiday I'd never heard about before coming here."

      So it's Bwog's fault that there aren't any Jewish people in whatever backwoods midwest town you hail from? Well, let me be the first to say - welcome to New York. You're probably going to encounter a lot of new holidays and traditions and cultures now that you're here. So...howdy y'all. Is that right - howdy y'all? I'm just going from memory here, since I left my Yokel-to-English dictionary in Pennsylvania last time I went to visit. Damn those Amish make good pies.

      • umm  

        the problem isn't the reference to jewish holidays, but the presumption that everyone understands such holidays and their purpose automatically, without corresponding treatment for other holidays/religions.

        • hrm  

          Right, because Bwog went out of their way to explain all their Christmas references back in December? It's not their responsibility to school you in Diversity 101. If they make a reference to Purim, or Ramadan, or Kwanzaa, or Easter, and you don't understand it, just hit up Google instead of whining about how the Jewish people are getting special treatment because every reference isn't explained. If you're not also complaining when Bwog mentions Christmas without explaining the nuances of the holiday/religion, then you, my friend, are just as tunnel-visioned as you're accusing them of being.

          • wrong  

            you'd be hard pressed to find people even in rural, hindu fundamentalist india who didn't know what christmas was. purim, though?

          • hrm  

            Yeah, I don't doubt that Christmas is more well known than Purim, but it would be Christonormative to explain every religious reference except the ones you assume everyone should know i.e. Christian holidays - hooray for Jesus! I say treat them all equal - explain nothing, and if a reader is genuinely perplexed, they'll go to Google. I typed in Purim and this very helpful page was the first one that popped up:

          • but  

            is it better to be judeochristnormative? because currently, every religious holiday outside those two traditions gets the explanatory treatment.

      • hey  

        I'm not from the midwest, and I knew plenty of jewish people before coming to new york. purim is obviously a big deal on the upper west side - but not so much in the rest of the country, even among least in my experience.

      • Zeus  

        The "problem" (if that's even the right word) is not so much that there are no jews where the dear reader comes from, but that there are disproportionately many whites and jews involved in campus publications. Bwog did an excellent piece on this in their print edition, where the editor was gracious enough to take steps to remedy the problem by encouraging minorities to join and submit to this publication.

        It doesn't take a genius to see that campus publications improve when they have a more diverse pool of viewpoints contributing. Personally, from reading the Spec and Bwog regularly, I know more about Judaism and Columbia Jewish life than I am interested in. I would rather hear about something else for a change.

  3. and ugh  

    the "let's put a made-up compound word in all caps and repeat it several times" attempt at making a "joke" is a tad bit played out.

  4. hmm

    "the July murder of 18-year-old Jennifer Moore, who had been bar-hopping on Manhattan's West Side before she was killed."

    I guess the places on club row are officially "bars" on the "West Side" but the author could have been more specific, especially because the details of that incident underscore the ridiculousness of this response. Shutting down some tattoo parlors and putting essentially ineffective cameras in all bars when the real problem is the unregulated insides of the club scene? Great. Nice fix.

  5. christmas is  

    when the rabbit comes down the chimney to crucify jesus, right?

  6. gna  

    maybe the reason that purim gets mentioned despite its relative lack of importance is that there were costumes. and drag. next time there's a hindu holiday for guys in dresses, i'm sure bwog'd cover that.

  7. this campus  

    is fucking retarted.... i feel stupid when i read this. settle down people..

  8. DHI  

    Man why wasn't the food science article linked? That one was really good.

    A quote backing up that point, from Cal Ripken interviewed after his HoF induction: "Then the blenders for the protein mixes replaced them. Maybe I had the old-school naive view. People think I had this nutritional regimen. Yeah, my regimen was the four food groups."
    2,632 consecutive games, I think the dude was in pretty good shape.

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