Project Athena…Unveiled? PLUS: Jester-CUSJ Throwdown

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Remember Project Athena, the promised Columbia wiki that was supposed to revolutionize campus life? Right, “barely” was our response, too. That is, until a mysterious i-banker IMed Bwog with the tantalizing info: Project Athena was online, and hosted off campus. We were quickly directed to, the slightly less sonorous realization of the project. While most of the site appears to remain in development, much already seems handy, including endless important links, an events calendar to rival ours (well, in all but wit, of course), and…by Zeus! That’s where all the lavish photos from the old housing website went! Other miscellany includes a swim test schedule and a guide to Spanish verbs.

What to expect? Where is this going? This Spec column from back in September makes one notable suggestion: documenting the horrors that await unsuspecting future residents of Wien.

Meanwhile, over on real-world Wikipedia…

Someone’s been messing with Jester‘s entry. This morning, it read:

“The magazine is known on campus for its completely inept coverage of the scientific community and generally poor quality paper stock.”

As of this evening, it reads:

“The magazine is known on campus for its lackluster understanding of particle physics, frequent misrepresentations of string theory, and fervent hatred toward America.”

One tipster blames the Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal. Let the wiki-war begin.


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  1. Chas Carey  

    "The magazine is known on campus for its lackluster understanding of particle physics, frequent misrepresentations of string theory, and fervent hatred toward America."

    I mean, that's certainly why I read the Jester. Who wants a lusterful understanding of particle physics? Then you'd have lust in your partacular heart, just like Jimmy Carter, and that would be bad because he hates Israel and farms peanuts and stuff.

    Friends don't let friends be Jimmy Carter.

  2. j.f.  

    is the "mysterious i-banker" tao tan?

  3. Bwog  

    Get an update. The jester wiki entry now reads:

    The magazine is known on campus for its brilliant understanding of particle physics, frequentlly correct representations of string theory, and fervent defense of America against Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal.

  4. Apparently  

    Sam West requires constant medical supervision because CUSJ poisons him in an effort to undermine American values.

  5. Also  

    it seems that jester is also a designated terrorist organization:


    I bet it was him!

  7. well  

    if you use this to study... then you are in trouble.

  8. true  

    that part is crappy. maybe the student fell asleep in class or something.

  9. ...  

    CUSJ tacitly endorses post-natal abortions.

  10. hey  

    guess what! it's a wiki! it's editable! so instead of complaining, get to work, kant scholars.

  11. haha no

    Goldberg's never actually managed to follow through on any of his wily schemes, sadly.

    From WhoIs:

    Domain Name:

    Registrant Contact: Private Registrant [email protected]
    DreamHost Web Hosting
    417 Associated Rd #324
    Brea, CA 92821

  12. CUSJ  

    It really doesn't matter because CUSJ looks like shit and they don't even understand particle physics. The Jester at least intends to be funny.

  13. CUSJ  

    Man, fucking Jester bastards.

  14. CUSJ  

    No more playing around with these Jester kids. We gotta go balls-out.

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