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jygtESC upset that people who have to run campaigns claim credit for achievements

For the sadly Macless among us 

They’re coming, for reals 

DOWN WITH FOX (polite version) 

Columbia is 75% snobs, then?

Chris gets Kerouac envy 

Bonus: From an e-mail sent to us last night…

“Too bad you are such a bunch of immature, whiny ass snobs there. You obviously don’t watch Lost. Maybe the Gyllenhaul woman will do it in  the nude for you. Is that what you are looking for? Grow up. Most of you will never accomplish half of what Matthew Fox has accomplished. Is it jealousy? You’ve made a great name for yourself across the entertainment scene. Just look online at the comments. Fox isn’t coming up the loser, that title is yours.”

We have a name across the entertainment scene? Baller…

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  1. I'll  

    say it here, then.

    Dan D'addario is officially a terrible Bwogger. At least give the SPEC the benefit of the doubt, if your friendships with Chloe Faux etc. are too intimate to resist attacking the current class president. (In case you're suspicious, I overheard a conversation of yours.)

    And don't try disabling comments again. You make Bwog worse with every post that you make.

    - First-year who you don't know. lol.

    • #1 again  

      And I made my opinion about you not even with the MVM post. Let me clarify:

      You are a first-year. You don't know at all Matthew Fox's body of work. Refrain from posting on Columbia's most illustrious blog. Everyone reads this; it's not simply an outlet for people like you.

      • bwog  

        While I think a first-year bwogger is certainly capable of covering the Fox announcement well, I strongly agree with the person above me when he says: "Everyone reads this; it's not simply an outlet for people like you."

        Even Bwog needs standards.

        And as harsh and obnoxious that e-mail is, I think parts of it ring true in this case. Look at the quotes from the Bwog posts that have been surfacing everywhere and tell me they don't sound whiny and immature.

  2. haha  

    that "lol" really makes people want to not take you seriously.

  3. PC user  

    I use a PC. It is a tool to make tasks easier. It is not a part of my life. That is it.
    People that make a big deal about their computer being better are the same type of people that brag about their car, clothes...

    One thing that PC users can do that mac users can't do is shut the hell up about their computers.



    Download it with Google Pack and get Picasa, Norton Antivirus, and more. FOR FREE! YAY!

  5. but will...  

    you cover the matt sanchez story?

  6. rjt  

    I personally think that this website is much more interesting if you just let daily editors write what they want. Dan had an opinion and wrote it. Other people, some of them editors as well, disagree with it. Fine. Better than losing all personality from the website.

  7. WOW  

    BWOG youre messed up. "DOWN WITH FOX?" HOW is that even remotely close to an appropriate title to give the link to the spec editorial. that editorial is in no way saying DOWN WITH FOX, in fact it even suggests that Fox may prove to be a thoughtful speaker, but simply suggests that in the future certain changes be made to the selection process so that whiny columbia students can at least feel like they have a say. although we all know that even if given the opportunity to provide input into the selection process people would not offer their precious time, only to wait and protest later.

    and also, i find it quite humourous that in retrsopect mccain was a good choice of a speaker, given the admonishable brouhaha the students engaged in last year when a speaker was chosen that [gasp] did not agree with the majority's political convictions.

    i have lost a lot of respect for a lot of people in the unfolding of this matter.

  8. bias?  

    bwog allows mean comments on kulawik but not modessitt?

  9. wirc  

    Was it just me or did Hirschland and Kulawik write in especially narcissistic columns today?

  10. Just to point out

    CTV News covered that ID story two weeks ago with the same news that the spec had today. See for yourself- it was broadcast on Feb. 25th.

  11. classy
    "Fox was selected for...his ability to represent the diverse group of students who graduate from Columbia."

    Seriously, "straight" "white" and "male" are SO not standard categories. My voice is finally gonna be heard!

  12. interns  

    "The boys' club days have ended, and legions of smoking coats have sprung up to fight the good fight. Their solution-the unpaid internship."

    Yes, all those wealthy fuckers in those non-profits are such bastards for not paying their interns!

    Tell me, why do investment banking interns earn something like $10,000 over the summer?

  13. wtf  

    "Every oppressed group (blacks, gays, women, Jews, early Christians) has had symbols and codes to tell themselves apart"

    Okay, I'll give you gays, Jews, and early Christians...but blacks and women? Are symbols and codes really needed there? Boobs are generally a good giveaway for women (though beware the manboobs fakeout), and I've never needed a secret handshake to know whether someone's black or not.

  14. List of protests...  

    * 1968, Morningside Park Gym
    * 2004, Fed cartoon
    * 2005, SHOCC, Ruggles grafitti
    * 2006, Senator John McCain
    * 2006, Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist
    * 2006, Matthew Fox

    any more protests?

    • other protests  

      Since 1940's: lot's of tenant protests from Columbia evictions
      1970: Black Students take over ROTC lounge, administration agrees to make it the Malcolm X Lounge which still stands
      1972: Latino students protest for Latino Studies
      1960's-1985: Students protest for divestment from South Africa, culminating in a 1985 takeover of Hamilton, CU agrees to divest, although didn't do so fully until 1991
      1987: A mob of white students beat a Black student, Mike Jones, and a couple of his friends outside Ferris Booth Hall. Black students mobilize on campus, take over Hamilton. Professor Marcellus Blount was arrested during these protests. The demands led to the creation of the Intercultural Resource Center.
      1992: Students take over Hamilton Hall, protesting Columbia's plans to turn the Audubon Ballroom, the site of Malcolm X's assassination, into a biotech research facility
      1996: Students go on hunger strike, and occupy Low and Hamilton for the establishment of an Ethnic Studies Department, three years later they get a center with no hiring power

      Those are just a few highlights, there are a shitload of other major protests throughout Columbia's history. You can find all of these in the Spec archives in the microfilm room in Butler.

    • John  

      Recent protests:

      * Manhattanville
      * War

      This, asshole.

  15. sure  

    * 2004, Bake Sale

  16. and  

    Matthew Fox should be 2007, not 2006

  17. bias  

    I totally agree that on Bwog & on this campus, people feel like they can say the worst things about Kulawik without any qualms. And I'm assuming most of these people, like me, have not met him. I've actually enjoyed Kulawik's columns this semester because has been showing us how he is similar to the rest of the student body. I also think it is probably hard for him to be narcissistic unless he takes pleasure in people blindly hating him. I'm sure that there are a lot of good things to say about this kid & he shouldn't have to do it himself as everyone else mocks him.

  18. scum  

    haven't you all realized the reason that cc may not be able to get the "high" profile alum to speak is assholes like all of you protesting.... be grateful that we have a speaker and guess what you may be surprised when matthew fox gives the best speech in recent memory

    • Madame Defarge  

      If you know Columbia (alumni do of course), you're definitely familiar with its protest culture so that's not it. There had to have been at least two closet Lost fans on the committee. Fox could not have been the only alumnus available. That said, it just ain't that big of a deal. I wonder if it's midterm craziness propelling this outcry.

  19. Bullshit  

    Bwog --- are you a real news source of a piece of shit BWOG? Either you let us comment on ALL posts including Modesitt or you let us comment on none.

    This is bullshit and you guys are hypocritical pricks.

  20. more protests  

    grad students in 2004 and 2005 wanting to unionize? As usual, the original was much better than the sequel.

  21. Spec Sucks  

    That editorial sucked. It was basically like -- let's write a useless editorial about how the system should be changed, even though it never will be. And to the Class of 2007: too fucking bad. They should have said that Fox should be told that traditionally the class votes on the speaker, and while he is a finalist, they will still need to hold a vote. And then they should hold a vote and the class will get what the class gets. Shame on Spec for not taking a real stand.

  22. dude  

    the class does not traditionally vote on the speaker. that's nonsense.

  23. A Columbia  

    Republican discovering Jack Kerouac's conservatism! Revolutionary! Has it been three months or is the cycle of re-discovery quickening?

  24. Sobchak  

    "ALSO: Comments on this post have been preemptively disabled, at the direction of Bwog Management, because of the sensitive matter of the post."

    For your information, the Supreme Court has ROUNDLY REJECTED PRIOR RESTRAINT!

    • lame prelaw child  

      I don't care about the whole DoorGate scandal but...

      Regarding the supreme court, there is nothing against prior restraint by a private media enterprise. The decision to disable posts would be considered the legitimate editorial discretion of the BWOG. There is ample supreme court precedent behind that.

      The "prior restraint" you are discussing is the ability of the government for instance to tell the BWOG that they must disable those comments. Even that could be justified in certain circumstances where these is an immediate, likely, and direct threat to national interests (Pentagon Papers). The test is extremely high to satisfy so in this context the government probably couldn't make bwog disable that stream of comments... but this is a hypothetical that doesn't even touch on the facts here

      So, please, get the facts straight.

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