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We meant to get this to you before break, but as with many ambitious plans overlapping with midterms, this one failed. Until now! Behold, highlights from the March Issue:

khGlobal Thought: it might actually do something

Life as you know it nearly came to an end. OK, just your web surfing, same difference.

Behind the scenes of behind the scenes

Art Spiegelman, curmudgeon.

Lawmaker, Jetsetter

And much more…

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  1. i like the  

    spiegelman interview!
    if he feels that way, teaching one class, imagine how the rest of us (those with creative projects up our sleeves, at least) feel, taking four classes! a good man, i deem him a good man.

  2. Alum

    Tremendous articles on the Committee on Global Thought and on Tim Wu

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