1. oh, barack

    how do you major in political science and minor in international relations?

  2. grr  

    i'm sick of this tired bit-- the griping that obama doesn't acknowledge his education. it's not like he's ever lied about it, and there's no crime in not OBSESSING about your ivy league awesomeness. clearly, he's had more crowning achievements.

    • Me too  

      I agree. What the hell bwog? Why should he go around talking about it? Who does that? Besides he did that interview with CCT and was on the cover recently, it's not like he's cut himself off from the school. He sounds like he buried himself in his studies while here, there's not much to talk about (unlike some alumni who are all "har har I started that whole Naked Run thing! I didn't know they're still doing that!")

  3. Int'l Relations  

    Well, unless Columbia actually had an International Relations minor when he went here, I think this is crap. Saying it was an IR minor is BS - he's fudging his resume! And you know it's calculated to make it seem like he has some int'l affairs experience (since no one gives a shit that you served on the Senate Foreign Relations committee). Of course, no one gives a shit about your college major either, but as petty as this is it is still a disgrace!


  4. hmmm  

    Body type: Slim / Slender

    he has my vote.

  5. well  

    I doubt Obama was the one actually "fudging" his myspace profile. Most likely an intern/assistant with a copy of his bio.

  6. unrelated  

    I don't know where else to comment, but on the advertisement sidebar (to the right) for Daquiris for Darfur. Knowledge of issue not required? pretty tasteless joke.

  7. Matt S.  

    But what about Matt Schoenfeld?

  8. alum86

    I think Bwog is justified in complaining--he's all about "Harvard Law this, Harvard law that" and seems to ignore (and perhaps dislike) Columbia.

    Back then, Harvard Law was a pretty cold, unfriendly, and bureaucratic place--far more miserable than Columbia undergrad. Thus, it's a bit discomforting to those of us who love Columbia that Obama loves Harvard Law more than he does Columbia undergrad.

    By the way, a recent NY Times article suggested that Obama "came of age" in law school. To me, it's a red flag when someone "comes of age" in law school instead of undergrad. If any of you go off to law school, you may understand my point more clearly.

    • i think  

      a 1986 alum who comments on Bwog is not the most reliable voice of reason on the subject of proper levels of 'columbia love'

    • Well  

      I don't know, don't get me wrong I love Columbia but getting into any Ivy law school is still more of an accomplishment than Ivy undergrad isn't it? He was also HL Review's first black editor. Mentioning Harvard Law immediately reminds people of this.

      Though I do agree that coming of age at any law school is a little bizarre. I'd have thought it was during his community service that he came of age.


        If by an accomplishment you mean luck, then yes. Ivy law school admissions are even more of a crapshoot than undergrad....

        • Yeah! crapshoot!  

          Especially Princeton's and Dartmouth's Law schools. Those are such crapshots it's inconceivable how one can even attend, let alone get accepted, to law school there.

        • uh...yes  

          Well if both undergrad and grad ivy admissions are a crap shoot (and I don't think they are but assuming so for a minute) then there's nothing to brag about regarding either "accomplishment."

          It is strange that Dartmouth and Princeton law schools don't exist now that you mention it 19.

  9. Joe

    I see a lot of criticism here.

    Mobilizing thousands of young voters warrants no praise?

  10. bet  

    notice the absence of the Smoke/Drink section on his profile..

  11. BELLE JAR  


  12. Let's

    Let's fast-forward to three-months from now and forget about this turd.

    #17, nothing crapshoot about law school admissions--> high enough lsat + high enough GPA = you're in

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