No, skinny dipping isn’t really it

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Lost actress Elizabeth Mitchell dished on the Daily 10 recently about, well, Lost–and why those crazy Columbia kids would have a problem with her buddy Matt speaking at Class Day. Ha ha ha.

They were unhappy that he was picked to speak on class day. Do you think perhaps that it was his advocacy of skinny dipping that might have pushed them over the edge?

Mitchell: Ha! For college students, to not skinny dip? I think it was probably alright there. I think that he was probably fine there. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want him, intelligent, well spoken, sexy.

Interviewer: Very nice guy. I think he’s a good-looking guy myself.

Mitchell: There you go, he crosses.

– Thanks to David Zhou for the tip.

UPDATE, 8:40 PM: Looks like Princeton got another C-list actor for their Class Day–but it’s BRADLEY WHITFORD (a.k.a. the best character on The West Wing maybe ever). Bwog might have to be in New Jersey on June 4. 

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  1. Ferrell/Trebek voice  

    And yooou're an idiot.

  2. anybody  

    know how to contact matthew fox directly? an email?

    oh and is it confirmed that he will be speaking?

  3. BELLE JAR  


  4. west wing  

    you mean "the best behind Jed, Ainsley Hayes, and Donna" right?

  5. !!!  

    oh my god, seriously, c-list my ass. lemon lyman forever. june 4, i'm with you, bwog.

    bartlett, santos, the best show on television past is also, alas, a big tease. :(

  6. looks like  

    princeton beats us again

  7. the only thing  

    that sucks more than Lost is The West Wing. I'm reminded of that SNL joke about all the fast walking to signify something important is happening.

    • the only thing  

      that is more untrue than SNL's take on the sorkin walk-and-talk is your comment.

      i'd count the ways west wing is better than lost, but i've got other things i should spend 5 hours doing.

  8. Whitford  

    At least he is funny, has a deep background, and is a philanthropist. Whereas Matt Fox is terribly one dimensional (it appears), Whitford has a lot to him. Probably the biggest key of all, though, is we know he's funny and witty.

    I know, I know - but what if Matt Fox is funny, right? Well, he may be, but that doesn't mean his selection wasn't a bad decision. After all, there's nothing to indicate that the choice was based even somewhat on the idea that Fox will be witty.

  9. come now bwog  

    whitford's not c-list, he's an amazingly talented actor. wow who'd have thought princeton would outshine us in such a fashion. I should've been a tiger

    • ken  

      So true. You guys are malcontents. Anyone besides Matt Fox at this point would merit a "At least he's..." Even that no-name from Scrubs. Stop looking for things to be pissed at, the only thing wrong with Fox is that he accepted.

      • absolutely correct

        fucking carrot top could be invited to speak at this shindig and the collective readers of bwog would simultaneously soil their undies. AS LONG AS IT'S NOT MATTHEW FOX, RIGHT GUYS?

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