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Dear SEAS: Here are the candidates for the ESC e-board, who will fight it out tonight at 9PM in the Satow Room. You won’t get to vote on them, but at least you know who might become your quasi-elected leaders.

President: Eash Cumarasamy and Liz Strauss

Secretary: Erin Svokos and Krissie Zambrano

Vice President Intergroup: Gunnar Aasen, Samantha John, and Daniel Wong

VP Policy: Chandni Saxena, Prish Dunstan, and Michael Fu

VP Student Life: Kim Manis

UPDATE, 8:57: Mistakes posted originally have been corrected. Bwog pleads mornings.

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  1. kim  

    kim manis is awesome.

  2. so,

    i take it bwog is openly taking a stance against esc internal elections?

  3. actually  

    The candidates for VP, Intergroup are Gunnar Aasen, Samantha John, and Daniel Wong.

    The Candidates for VP, Policy are Prish Dunstan, Michael Fu, and Chandni Saxena.

  4. interesting  

    because members of esc have fought to keep bwog afloat after its numerous debacles as a fledgling blog. oh well, looks like next time, those fights will be better off going in the other way.

    • seriously  

      why threaten behind veiled exteriors? it really doesn't matter... we all know that esc elections shouldn't be internal. i just fail to see what having bwog say anything will do.

    • Uh, dude

      What exactly would you do to Bwog? Aside from dumb bitching on anonymous comment threads. Take away the, uh, advertising money that keeps the site up? Oops.

  5. liz strauss  

    is awesome.

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