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UPDATE, 12:01 AM: It’s Liz Strauss!


BWOG POPULAR VOTE, 12:01 AM: Eash 55%, Liz 45%.

You may not be able to actually vote, SEAS kids, but now at least you can let the people who can vote know who you want for your dear leader next year: Eash or Liz? They don’t have to campaign, so we don’t know what their platforms are, but perhaps you can do a little research and make an informed choice. And no, we can’t tell if you’re actually in SEAS, so if CC kids want to weigh in too, go ahead–one vote per computer.

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  1. I love eash  

    only for CU Assassins. Hence, this is somewhat of a popularity contest.

  2. Matt S.  

    But what about Matt Schoenfeld?

  3. cc kid  

    bwog, for all of the research you do for ccsc elections, you should do a little esc elections. eash has said that he is staying with class president, but there are other people running for president...

  4. embarrassed cc kid  

    oops, didn't read further down. sorry bwog...

  5. i love eash too

    i really do

  6. BELLE JAR  


  7. Matt S.  

    I vote for Matt Schoenfeld!

  8. cu historian

    for the past four or five years, the candidate who brought in the better visual aid has won.

  9. winner?  

    just got a message that says liz won.

  10. the question is  

    is she hot?

  11. ESC  

    VP Policy; Prish Dunstan
    VP intergroup: Dan Wong
    Secretary: Krissie Zambrano
    VP Student Life: Kim Manis

  12. a cc kid  

    liz strauss is gorgeous and awesome...i wish she was in cc not seas

  13. dan okin is ...  

    too much man...

  14. the dan...  

    ...okin comment was definitely made by liz strauss

  15. the kim  

    manis comment was made by kim manis, or a blind person, or someone with a sick sense of humor

    • yo...  

      fuck you. i'm not the person who made the comment (because i know enough to realize that comments inevitably lead to backlash) and i think she's pretty hot. not only that, but i don't believe you actually think she's far from hot.

  16. hmmm

    im not sure if matt schoenfeld actually took the time to make those posts under the name matt s... just a wild guess.

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