EyePoke: Ow, that one really hurt

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  1. wow  

    holy shit, i can't believe they got athletes to say all of that stuff...some of it is priceless
    good story

  2. Yeah, a good story  

    if you're the bloody New York Post. The story had very few facts, was completely unobjective, and was basically a badly written profile of one athlete. There a reason there are only two athletes quoted in the story: they couldn't find anyone else. This story shouldn't have run, and, while I am far from an athlete myself, it is unfortunate that the Eye would publish an article that seeks to shame people who work harder than many people on campus doing what they love. You don't need to attack athletes because you're supposedly smarter than them. Take your ego's and pretension elseswhere.

  3. It really  

    doesn't seem to paint a negative portrait of athletes. At least, that's not what I got out of it.

  4. uhh  

    while i agree that there were some editorialized comments, the story had tons of facts and i find it hard to believe those two are a special case. those are just two people who were dumb enough to talk.

    and there are a lot of positive things in that article, i think it was just trying to show that the issue is complicated

  5. good job  

    I agree that the story succeeded in striking a good balance between the different perspectives of the issue. I also think that the piece was solidly written, with quite an engaging voice. The topic was also a very interesting one. I hope that the Eye continues to publish articles of this quality.

  6. who's the anon prof  

    And why is afraid to be named?

    Is it Prof. Douche Bagg?

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