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Three years ago, Marty and Jake said they didn’t plan on making juggling a career (then doing film and pre-med respectively, they’re now listed as majoring in economics and anthropology). From their website, it appears that the twins have gone professional already. Be warned: you may not want to open this site in front of your grandmother.

But they’re not just performers, they’re Columbia students, which means they have to talk about being performers. An excerpt from the extensive “Our Work, Our World” section:

“Most fundamentally, it’s the desire to understand people, the desire to connect, in widest capacity, with the range of perspective and passion that animates the continuum of human experience, that encourages us to practice every day, that motivates us to move. it is through the universal language of physical movement, through the expressive potential of the bodily form, that we hope one day to be able to create that dynamic vision that penetrates, through its truth and beauty, the barriers we internally construct against feeling, understanding, and life. It’s the destabilizing of these barriers–these internalized constructions of artificial hierarchies, of discursive rankings and gradings, of random systems of inclusion and exclusion–that, we believe, has the most productive potential to affirm the humanness that underlies, and that continually surges to threaten, the forces operating against harmonic existence…”

Stick to what you do best, guys.

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  1. ahaha  

    this is what comes from learning to say nothing in as many words as possible - the true benefit of a columbia education. thanks bwog for digging up this gem.

  2. go!!  

    go marty and jake! you guys rock

  3. wow  

    that website just made my face splode.

  4. fan  

    yay! i love marty and jake! such great guys! and cute :)

  5. the reason  

    why the website is so funny is because they are quiet sweet boys.

    just do your thing M&J

  6. yay  

    the vanity shots in the photo section are priceless on so many levels.

  7. Top Gun  

    The song in the second video is "Danger Zone." I'm sold.

  8. Anonymous  

    Even if they're gay.
    They're hot.

  9. wow  

    am i the only person who is horrified by the photos? since when is it okay for two brothers to get naked and get photographed with their crotches together. This website does not show how "great" or "hot" jake and marty are. It shows how messed up they are. Who in their right mind goes up to their brother and says, "I have a great idea, let's get naked, and have someone take pictures, because that will make everyone want to hire us for basketball games and family cruises."

    I'm disturbed, mostly by that website but also by the overwhelmingly positive response on bwog.

  10. rod majors

    Columbia already has enough gay porn stars

  11. no more  

    some of the pictures are gone...?

  12. jake

    I was just informed about this blog, and I wanted to offer a quick response before our next practice:
    First of all, to be “great” or to be “hot” were never our intentions with these photos. We had simply hoped that, through this display of the bodily form - strengthened by an aspect of symmetry that only twins can contribute - we could inspire an appreciation for the artistic potential of the physical human. It’s a disappointment for us, and for many of those who have helped us, that this particular photo could be misinterpreted as holding any form of pornographic intent. Living at Columbia University in the City of New York – probably one of the most liberal and progressive places on the planet – we apparently made the mistake of over-estimating the artistic liberality of the society in which we exist. Consequently, we cannot help but feel the responsibility to apologize to those whom we may have offended by our attempt at creating an image of beauty that is unique.

    Furthermore, we apparently made the second mistake of assuming that these photos would be viewed in the context of the web site as a whole. In other words, we thought that in the context of the videos and the writing that is already on the site (which are, in our opinion, by far the site’s most important features) that the photos could not possibly be so destructively misinterpreted. For anyone who views the site in its entirety, the insignificantly small place that these photos hold in the larger context of what my brother and I are trying to do will become quickly apparent.

    Finally, I have to say that I am satisfied with the dialogue that these photos have created, so I guess I have no choice but to proclaim an indirect “thank you” to the person(s) who took the time out of his schedule to disparage our creative intent. For, as it seems to us, it is only through an attempt at discussion and conversation (most often initiated by that which is controversial) that we can hope one day to achieve – as a unified social group - a higher understanding of what is beneficial and of what is true.

    We look forward to the day in which nakedness is not necessarily equated with sex, but until that time, we hope that anyone whom we offended will accept our apology. We welcome further comments/questions/criticisms (we also have a blog, by the way, on our site), and we hope that our viewers will in the future focus on the parts of the web site that are more significant.



  13. jake

    Response to comment #1:
    If it means nothing to you, then please don’t bother reading it. I write for myself and for the few that will appreciate what I have to say.

  14. a suggestion  

    Go to the website, go to the videos section, and watch the training video. That video was made on Thursday, Feb 8th, at a gym downtown before 8 AM. That's what they do every morning, on top of an international performance schedule and finishing up Columbia degrees (economics and pre-med), while the rest of us are so exhausted from bitching about our homework at Butler until 3AM that we can't can't find the time to actually do it or the motivation to get out of bed until noon. Watch that, and then comment here if you want.

    See, there's this thing called artistic license, and people earn it by being extraordinary, not by smoking dunhills outside of Avery. Marty and Jake, incidentally, are two of the most talented and interesting students at Columbia, and I'm proud to know them. Regarding the photos, they have earned the right to put whatever they please on their website. End of story.

    Identical twins that are ALSO in world-class physical condition are hard to come by, and thus the opportunity for interesting explorations of symmetry and the human body are pretty obvious. I don't really know what else to say.

    Though I have no way of knowing, I imagine that if you were as intelligent and talented as they are, you might spend a little time reflecting on what it's like to devote your life to the pursuit of such a high level of physical excellence and artistic expression. You might also have some interesting thoughts if you were looking back on a life as unique as the one that they've had. I'm not exactly shocked, that the "Our Work, Our World" section of their website didn't fully resonate with some of those who camp out on the bwog, since Marty and Jake are trying to describe something that few of us will ever experience. But to have the arrogance to call such an effort vacuous simply because you can't imagine the world they live in is about as low a form of criticism as you can offer. The world needs more exceptional people to take the time to write down their thoughts and feelings, not less. Doing this and posting it publicly, incidentally, is called "bravery," and its antonym is "anonymously posting asinine personal attacks on a blog."

    -George Olive,

  15. Lala

    Why people in America are so afraid of nudity? why does the beauty of a naked body terrify some of the Americans? I think I will start singing David Bowie's song "I'm afraid of Americans".

    I think LaSalle Bros are beautiful people inside and out and they inspire others to achieve goals in life.

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