1. alum

    That is not full. Why, in olden days...

  2. ...

    that's about as full as wien stadium during football season.

  3. hey  

    but it's packed now!

  4. what  

    type of camera did you use bwog?

  5. umm  

    far more full than they've been throughout the snowy, subzero winter.

  6. CML  

    Weather has a really profound effect upon my mood (and, I'm guessing, others too) -- maybe I should've gone to Pomona instead?

  7. Matt S.  

    But what about Matt Schoenfeld?!

  8. determination  

    "what about Matt Schoenfeld?" < "what about felipe tarud"

  9. get over it

    get over matt schoenfeld, he's not even here this semester

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