Michelle Diamond: “We can really hit the ground sprinting.”

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one cuBwog presents the second of our three interviews with CCSC candidates – tonight, One Columbia’s Michelle Diamond (pictured, third from left, with running mates).

How have you been doing?

I’m doing very well. It’s a crazy, crazy crunch time – but the part of the campaign I really like. I get to present to different clubs, and see what people like.

What clubs in particular?

We’ve gotten endorsements from the Blue Key Society, College Democrats, Korean Students Association, Political Science Students Association, SEEJ, and the Econ Society. Tonight, we’re presenting to the CPU, CQA, and IGC. [Editor’s Note: This interview took place March 21 – in the interim, the Columbia Political Union has endorsed One Columbia.]

What ideas have the clubs responded to most strongly?

The idea of building a stronger community really struck a chord with these clubs. The fact that there’s not enough intergroup communication is even a bigger issue than I had originally realized.

How can CCSC become a greater resource for students?

It can do this by promoting more interpersonal events – for example, bringing together the College Dems and the College Republicans. I’d work for a Community Forum – one representative from each group would move in two days early to discuss where we want to move as a university. I think we should move towards schoolwide programming, like study breaks for the entire school, not just one class. I’d love to bring back King’s Crown Ball, which stopped my first year – it’s a semi-formal open to the entire school, and it was always a huge success.

So you’d like to create more events for the school?

I would love especially to do more events like Glass House Rocks, where CCSC acts as a skeleton, and clubs add their own unique flavor to it.

How are you feeling about your ticket?

I could not be happier with them. I feel like a beaming parent of sorts. They were all my top choices, and they are all so enthusiastic about what their position entails and what they want to do with their position. Individuals on the Student Council E-Board should have more responsibilities, and they have been so upbeat.

What would your top priority be if your party was elected?

My top priority, regardless of whether I am elected or not, would be advising reform. Community building is also very important to me. The great thing is that there’s so much time after elections at the end of this year and the beginning of next year. If we’re elected, we can really hit the ground sprinting and start working towards next semester.

You were involved with CCSC this year as 2008’s Class Vice-President. How do you think CCSC did this year?

I think we had a bit of a learning curve at the beginning of this year. We’ve definitely done some important things. That the administration devoted so much of the capital campaign to financial aid reform was absolutely huge.

Do you think that being the only candidate with CCSC experience will give you an advantage in governing if elected?

I definitely things so. I was a Class Representative my first year here, and it’s amazing to me how much of a transition Class Rep to V.P. was; making the jump to CCSC is a huge jump no matter where you start from.

Do you feel optimistic about your chances about being elected?

It’s so hard to say! I never know how to call a three-way race. We’re going as strong as possible, and doing everything we can do.


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  1. o lord  

    Now we need the CCSC to "bring together" the Dems & Republicans. Let's see how that goes....
    But I guess their intergroup relations are good enough when CPU is there as well. They always co-sponsor the State of the Union & they had that debate this semester.

  2. SpellingTroll  

    "I definitely things so."


  3. General Studies

    I have it on good authority that if any group is willing to former a coalition demanding the severing of ties with the School of General Studies, certain alumni groups might be willing to pony up some election slush fund money.

  4. finaid  

    The thing that bothers me about the platforms is that they seem sort of skimpy on the issue of financial aid. As far as I can tell, the Open Columbia made pretty good progress this year through FAiR and their various efforts -- but what will the next generation of CCSCers do? I mean, I've heard things about "better networking" with the FinAid office and improvements in fund allocation, which is fine, but compared to this past year's initiatives I feel like it's been toned down.

    Or am I wrong? I don't know. Just speaking from what I've seen/read.

    • Well  

      I would consider it a "finished issue". Columbia is allocating $440 million in their next capital campaign for undergraduate financial aid, which is enough to permanently expand financial aid spending by almost 25% per year.

      So.. it's a done deal.

    • ---  

      are you sure that you read all of the platforms? rebel seems to have a really comprehensive plan of action

  5. oscar schindler  


  6. um?  

    did michelle say anything? the only thing i got from her interview is that she chose the people she is running with- seems odd- shouldnt they have all come together? and advising is bad, but the only thing that needs to happen is the advisors need to KNOW SOMETHING. they are idiots for the most part

  7. website  

    their website is beautiful

  8. while  

    i know this may be trite, but what will one columbia ACTUALLY do? their advising reform issues seem to be put in place by the councils (lets not forget ESC has also worked on this issue) this year and the rest of their platform centers around touchy-feely issues of "making cu more friendly." while i admire the desire to bring parties together, it's hard to convince individuals that they need to befriend others.

    i'm highly skeptical of this entire election... seems like crap. not many good candidates and no competition leads to poor execution on all sides. oh well... disappointments abound.

  9. o lord  

    i'm a graduating senior who barely interacts with juniors and even i can see that Michelle's party is the only legit one. please CC, don't be so idiotic as to be seduced by a party name called "rebel"

  10. Not above user  

    I am not a graduating senior, and the person above is using my UNI. "o lord" isn't me...

  11. Matt S.  

    But what about Matt Schoenfeld?

  12. anyone

    who runs for student council is a massive bag of calcium-fortified douche. Just because it's calcium-fortified does not mean it's good for you!

  13. I like their

    website. "Glenn Thompson is black. If you don't vote for him you are a racist." Next year I'll be forming a group consisting entirely of Darfur refugees. They don't go to CU, and I'll be a senior, but we will still win by a landslide.

  14. hmm  

    Glenn Thompson is also sexy. oh yea..Alidad Damooei is a genius.

  15. i agree  

    Michelle is the only one with the real experience and drive to get stuff done. Her party is by far the one with individuals with the most experience with CCSC and being active on campus

  16. asdf  

    On an unrelated note, has anyone read the NY Times editorial about Matthew Fox? I'm not sure what their point is... best guess is that Matthew Fox is a lame pick, but it's really business as usual in today's America.

  17. fake and annoying  

    what has michelle done so far?
    she may have "experience" but her track record sucks. she has no new ideas.
    i've never met a more fake person in my life.
    no wonder so many people don't care/are turned off by student council.

  18. the latest

    i'm going to ask nicely. does anyone out there care about ccsc or the other irrelevant student government groups on campus? there must be something more newsworthy going on. c'mon, bwog.

  19. ummm  

    actually, Dan Okin likes her.

  20. who  

    cares about dan okin here. this is about michelle and ccsc... okin is graduating.

    honestly, focus on the issues: she may be the only one with ccsc experience but her track record is poor and she has not shown any direct leadership in accomplishing anything. i just hope the student body recognizes that by voting her in, they will get an ineffectual leader.

  21. hmmm  

    what's the track record???

  22. well

    I've found Michelle to be incredibly fake in dealing with her in the past.

    However, read their website, they actually have a few good, solid platform planks that they can accomplish.

    But I really wish everyone would stop campaigning on FinAid. Student council has NO say WHATSOEVER. It all comes down to how much money columbia can spend. And they've scrounged up some more. The rest will come with the campaign. End of story. Did you really think they wouldn't catch up with the Joneses once they could afford to?

    PS- Can anyone list 5 major accomplishments of the Flaxman administration? Seriously. Have they done anything? Financial Aid had nothing to do with CCSC, so that doesn't count. Anyone???

  23. in my opinion  

    only michelle has a track record out of the three candidates and she hasnt done much. one thing that strikes me about michelle is that she didnt start reaching out to the orgs of color till she announced her candidacy and then she came under the fall pretext of wanting to change stuff during her current term which is over. I think it was a cheap ploy to get ppl who she hasnt cared about and hasnt done anything for to get to know her and be like oh she wants to change things so lets give her another year to do nothing. that kind of fakeness is not appreciated by this voter.

  24. haha  

    Star sighting: Members of Rebel and Voice sitting on the ramps of lerner on bwog together!

  25. interesting  

    I like my representation to represent the columbia community. Most all white, a token black guy, and another token asian. Its all good, GO one columbia and represent us white people.

  26. true  


    Go One Columbia becuase michelle is my white representation on this campus! yay

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