Natali Segovia: “It’s not just one perspective Columbia has.”

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segoviaBwog presents the third of three CCSC Presidential candidate interviews, with Voice’s Natali Segovia.

How is campaigning going?

Campaigning is going well. An interesting aspect of it is hearing perspectives of other students. It’s inspiring seeing people mobilized about Student Council that haven’t normally been.

What do you mean by that?

Certain groups on campus are more likely to be involved politically – students don’t usually go out to vote unless someone hounds them. I’ve approached Tracy to write a Spec editorial to get people to vote. We don’t have an electoral college – these are about as close as you can get to direct elections.

Have you received any endorsements?

Yes – the Chicano Caucus, Hispanic Scholars Fund, Model United Nations, Native American Council, and Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity.

What do you think your party’s strengths are?

All three parties are strong in different areas. Our party has representatives from every year – ’08, ’09, and “0-10.” A main selling point for all the tickets has been the diversity of their ticket, and our ticket is certainly diverse. We’ve all come up against red tape in the past as leaders and former CCSC members.

What have you done as a campus leader?

I am currently on the executive board of Community Impact as the Internal Affairs Officer. This puts me in a position, as a potential CCSC President, to navigate the bureaucracy; I have good relationships with all the administrators.

As someone with leadership experience, how would you run Student Council?

Something we’ve definitely talked about has been student groups – the Student Council meetings are open, but can definitely be intimidating. We would hold bi-weekly meetings – full Council meetings at which groups could make presentations. People have seen CCSC as a managerial position, not one with active accountability to students. Sometimes, it’s not about funding, but rather seeing what events are being put on by students.

What issues would you work on as President?

Advising reform is on everyone’s mind. Even at Columbia, you don’t know what direction to follow all the time. We’re all dynamic, we all have diverse interests. We would work on staggered reform; we would not seek to reform FYSAAC and JSSAC. We would add a advisory position that would be a liaison to the departments. This position would be geared towards freshmen, sophomore, and even juniors who didn’t know what they wanted to major in, and would take the brunt of the initial advising weight off the academic departments. They could provide syllabi for different departments, links to CCE for information on post-graduate opportunities. We’re also, I think, the only party to have dealt with health issues on campus. Our institution is very healthy but we have time and stress management issues. I was absolutely shocked that twenty-five percent of college students fit the criteria for drug or alcohol addiction. We need a holistic approach to life and health issues that is not stigmatized (as Alice often can be) and is very healthy.

On a different note, how did you go about making your ticket? What’s the significance of “Voice”?

I specifically wanted people involved on campus in different levels – people recognized by their organizations and known by students, and recognize student voices. We actually considered the name “One Columbia,” but we realized that it’s not just one perspective Columbia has, but many perspectives united under one voice.


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  1. crap.

    oh god not another one.

  2. Gosh  

    Did she honestly say 0-10?? Now I know its obv. to call 07,08,09 and to then get caught up and say 0-10, given that its 2010, but c'mon, they're the class of 10, not 0-10.

  3. huh?  

    former CCSC members? who on their ticket was ever elected to any council position in the past?

    • Mallory  

      Mallory Carr's a rep for CCSC '09

      • which is worst?  

        an appointed class council rep is different than an elected CCSC rep... not to say that she probably isn't a bright and great person... but their attempt to pass that off as the same thing either shows they're trying to pull something shady or they don't really know how CCSC works... I'm not sure which is worst...

  4. hmm  

    i feel like she might hate white people.

  5. jbw  

    I love the voice's website. Look at that picture on top...where are there palm trees on campus?!

  6. pic  

    That picture is pulled straight off the gallery.

  7. From the Spec  

    The Vision party, headed by Natali Segovia, CC '08, formed in response to the possibility of a one-party race, though they were nearly eliminated for filing their papers after the 9 p.m. deadline last night. Segovia said she actually wouldn't have been disappointed if they had been ruled out after she discovered that Diamond and her "One Columbia" party would face at least one opponent.

    • the spec sucks  

      I was in the room, and she never said anything like that. Plus, the name of the party isn't even right. the spec has been doing a shitty job of reporting the whole thing

  8. what?  

    how has the spec been doing a shitty job of reporting the whole thing? they got the name wrong, but they fixed that. they've been doing a much more job of being accurate and fair than bwog.

  9. I have not

    seen even ONE candidate for CCSC with a serious major. Human Rights? Creative Writing? AMERICAN STUDIES?! All of them should be given positions, because they're all going to need that paperwork experience when they get their secretarial positions several years after graduating. And if they're lucky enough to be secretaries to some majors CEOs, those administration-cocksucking skills will be super useful as well.

  10. Voice  

    makes me wanna throw up for how unabashedly they're flaunting their "diversity." Natalie gets a dream catcher on her fliers, the hapa kid random Chinese characters (that don't really make sense) and the poor token black girl gets nothing. I'm not sure I could've been any more disgusted, even if they'd put pictures of fried chicken on hers, or something...

    • anon  

      umm... the hapa kid's characters mean "opinion" in Japanese, and who are you to say that people should be proud of their culture? and how do you know that the "token black girl" did not choose to have nothing on the background of her fliers? the fact that you're categorizing these people by race as opposed to admiring the pride for their ethnicity is ridiculous

    • Ummmm  

      apparently some people at Columbia are ignorant bigots who perpetuate the kinds of stereotypes seen on boredatbutler.
      And "diversity" is NOT code for "I hate white people", the last time I checked

  11. Vote

    for black people, or you are a dirty racist!

  12. youre all wrong  

    1) I fail to see why Voice's majors should have anything to do with their legitimacy as a potential CCSC E-Board. Human Rights and Creative Writing are special concentrations, taken with OTHER majors, American Studies is one of the largest majors offered by CC and perhaps they are simply more involved with Columbia/New York than you are, and not interested in pursuing iBanking or politics. Get used to it.
    2) Mallory wasnt elected to CCSC 2009 but she's done a LOT for the council, ask anyone, and has helped with planning study breaks and helping with policy work.
    3) there is no token black girl on the Voice party AT ALL. There are three women of color, none of whom are 'token' in ANY way, so don't make generalizations on race or ethnicity based on what you think you see, namely because, you're wrong.
    4) try focusing on actual policies and the platform, instead of your own personal ignorance.

  13. o o o  

    Natali has already done so much great work on campus -- look at everything she's done as a Community Impact student executive -- it's incredible. I don't think people should just make dumb assumptions about this party.

    This party is a healthy mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. I think they have the potential, if elected, to really make a big difference on campus.

  14. hhhhh  

    i love dave coates

  15. ....  

    although nati doesnt have exeperience on the ccsc board she does have experience in other leadership positions such as CI and being SOL President.

  16. haha  

    Star sighting: Members of Rebel and Voice sitting on the ramps of lerner on bwog together!

  17. uhhh

    yeah.. it's conceivable that some people can be running against one another and still be friends. Rebel and Voice have more in common than with One Columbia, anyway. They both want change for ccsc that just won't get there with One.

  18. they all suck  

    ccsc is doooooooooooooomed!!!!

  19. i'mmm

    pretty sure ccsc went down the drain the day seth flaxman was voted in

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