SGB gets new Poobahs, expands tent

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Elections are everywhere this time of year (ESC, such as they are, from April 1st – 3rd, and the Dems on the 11th), and a few hours ago representatives from SGB’s 60+ groups met to choose new leaders, welcome new groups, kick out a few others, and overhaul their constitution. Highlights from the Spring Town Hall after the jump.


Camp Kesem, which runs a camp for kids whose parents are suffering from (often terminal) cancer.

Columbia Coalition Against the War, which organized that big protest a few weeks ago.

Columbia Students for International Service, which sends people overseas to serve other people.

Double Discovery Students Organization, which works with disadvantaged students from the neighborhood.

FeelGood CU, which sells grilled cheese sandwiches here to end hunger in the third world.

Lucha, which doesn’t like the military.

The International Socialist Organization, which doesn’t like capitalism, and is switching over from ABC to SGB.

Groups Out (well, just moving to ABC):

Hong Kong Students and Scholars Society and Columbia Iranian Students Association

Constitutional Changes, Bullet Pointed:

Excises all mention of Earl Hall 

Adds “humanitarian” and “identity-concious” to “religious, spiritual, political, ideological, and activist”

Adds 2 more representatives–now 7, before 5

Mandates bi-annual constitutional review

Spells out duties for all board members

Aaaaaaaand: The New Board

Chair: Jonathan Siegel CC ’08 College Democrats

Vice Chair: Jessie Leiken CC ’08 SEEJ

Treasurer: Arjun Kapoor CC ’09 Amnesty International

Secretary: Faisal Khan CC ’09 Muslim Students Association


Ari Gardner CC ’08 LionPAC

Alastair Shearman SEAS ’08 CPU

Danielle Slutsky CC ’08 LionPAC

Jacob Taber GS/JTS ’09 Democrats/CPU/LionPAC

Muzna Ansari BC ’10 Muslim Students Association

James Downie CC ’10 Democrats

Hei-Yue Pang BC ’10 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/Remnant

Christian Fellowship

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  1. white jewish  

    democrats for all!

  2. as opposed to  

    black jewish democrats?

  3. or maybe  

    whopie goldberg?

  4. so much for  

    the ideological balance

    Chair: College Democrats
    Vice Chair: SEEJ
    Treasurer: Amnesty International
    Secretary: Muslim Students Association

  5. Jon  

    Several members of the SGB reached out to the Republicans to ask them to field a candidate, hoping to achieve ideological balance. Unfortunately, no conservative chose to run.

    Hopefully, the SGB will nevertheless be able to work closely with the College Republicans and any other conservative students to help get their voices and ideas heard.

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