QuickSpec – Judgment Day Edition

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  1. spin-doctoring?  

    how's it not a slap on the wrist?

  2. mlp  

    Hey Bwog, what's going on with the giant missile/vibrator on Low?

  3. Bwog  

    we'll have it in a bit

  4. Fight the good fight  

    Glad to know that the SGB will fight hunger, poverty, and the war! anyone read the New Yorker Shouts and Murmurs this week by Simon Rich? Semi-funny conversation regarding "How College Kids Imagine the United States Government."

  5. Sprinkles

    You know who should be expelled? Matt Brown and Stephen Searles, for that hate crime they committed in Ruggles.

    Oh yeah, I forgot...administration doesn't care who gets defamed, so long as they can quickly cover it up.

  6. re: endorsement  

    I don't really understand why the Spec decided to endorse senate candidates this year. This has never happened in the past (the spec has limited endorsements to Exec Board candidates) so I'm curious to hear the reason for this sudden protocol change. I mean, if you're going to start endorsing senate candidates, why don't you pick out the rest of the at-large positions?

    Most importantly, the picks were bad and the reasoning was awful. A lot of the things on both candidates platform has nothing to do with one's role as a University Senator.

  7. i wouldn't

    trust spec endorsements in general. actually, i wouldn't trust the spec ediorial page in general.

  8. not from arthum

    oh bwog bwog. when will you learn? the greatest image of hell ever is bosch's "garden of earthly delights." GOT IT? ok good.

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