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(Spoiler warning: It is almost certain the comments will be full of spoilers)

An “100% anonymous” tipster reported what is likely the first of several puzzles which may will appear over the next few weeks.  People who enjoyed Myst back in the day might be reminded of the game and realize this is nowhere near as tight as Myst, but it is still a mystery, in a sense.  Secret sources (what other kind?) report that last year, successfully solving them yielded an invite to what was essentially “the college equivalent of an AD&D party”. (For clarification, AD&D is “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons,” distinguishable from the normal “D&D” because I get it confused with Attention Deficit Order rather than with Dance Dance Revolution.)

The puzzle itself is a “death note,” a notebook supposedly with the power to kill people, and, and the puzzle includes a quote from the owner of the notebook, the rules by which it operates, and a list of people it has killed or tried to kill. At the bottom is the mysterious all-caps sentence THE ONLY MAN NEVER TO BE REDEEMED IS THE MAN WITHOUT PASSION.

(The full puzzle and more detail after the jump)


To join the secret nerd society, students must submit clues by the end of April Fool’s Day to a website called “Them Earth Meteors”, which has a picture of two meteors that look like earth.  Between them earth meteors is that letter “M”, which you can click on to enter text, and possibly gain entry to a land of wonder.

Here’s the first clue in full:


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  1. ooh  

    they had posters for this a while ago, with a bunch of dates on them!

  2. i don't get  

    this at all. what am i supposed to do? solve a puzzle so that i can hang out to like minded nerds?

    welcome to columbia!

  3. why  

    is the quote at the bottom from Atlas Shrugged?

  4. alex  

    I bet this is some Jester shit. They're trying to screw with people. jerks. They always take over the SGO room and make jokes when we're trying to lay out CUSJ.

  5. Ahem  

    This is sure to be a critical hit with the kids.

  6. I. M. Portant.  

    I can't spend my time working on childish puzzles, I have too many important things to do. Such as academia. And making sure my jacket is JUST the proper amount of vintage to be ironic. But not too ironic. Perhaps I'll work that into my next paper...

  7. brilliant

    This is why I love college. However, if some harvard kids are behind this I'm going to be sad.

  8. i'm confused  

    as to how this is a puzzle
    it just seems like a promo for the japanese extreme horror movie death note
    or for the video game based on the movie
    or for the graphic novel both are based on

    what part of this is a puzzle?
    identifying which celebrity names are misspelled?

  9. not quite ...  

    Buddy Holly did not die by committing suicide with a pistol, he died in a plane crash (as commemorated by Don McLean's "American Pie"). What's interesting was that Buddy was a nick name and that Holly was something of a stage name (his name was spelled with an E, but a mistake on a contract early in his career caused him to be billed as Buddy Holly. It stuck) So, is this in correct because of the mispelling or the nickname? Also, the details of Anna Nicole Smith's death are incorrect, and "Anna Nicole Smith" is also a stage name. What is to be made of this? I certainly don't know. But there's more to this than simply picking out mis-spellings.

  10. ahhah  

    Fidel A Castros = Elian Gonzalez ? ? ?

  11. Mmm  

    This is a way for people like me to feel smarter than people like you. Not sure why that's necessary, exactly, because I'm probably an engineer and not a psych major.

  12. death note  

    is an awesome series, i hope it gets licensed and shown on adult swim

  13. you should realize  

    the errors are purposeful and part of the clues.
    I guess you were just way to excited to correct someone that you didn't stop and think for two seconds that you might be looking at this the wrong way.

  14. omfg

    i LOVED myst. riven even more.

  15. Fucking  

    This is totally a Jester ruse to get people to go to the Banquet for the King of Spain.

  16. Names...  

    Charles Hardin Holly
    Lee Harvey Oswald
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    Elvis E? Presley
    Elvis Aaron Presley
    Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
    Nicolas Kim Cappola
    John Franklin Candy
    Kurt Donald Cobain
    Oprah Gail Winfrey
    William Jefferson Clinton (Blythe) III
    Christopher Reeve
    Vickie Lynn Marshall
    Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

  17. Eureka!!!  

    10 (minutes)+8 (days)+ 5 (days)= THE NUMBER 23!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. New Version of Note  

    New one has the rule: Details of death should be specified in th enext 6.66 Minutes.
    If the death is not specified to occur in thirteen days, the victim will not die.

  19. Nashing teeth  

    where do you find the real note? I am going crazy I feel like Steve Nash in A Beautiful Mind, when he has that crazy cryptology room but he's actually just insane. I want to KNOW!!! someone help?

  20. left contact info  

    Hamilton, Schermerhorn, Mudd, Furnald, among other places.

  21. baffled  

    The collective brain of the internet has begun to work on this puzzle. They have not solved it yet.

  22. umm...  

    I found an old copy of the puzzle around campus and it looks like this version on the Bwog has been altered from the original. For whatever reason, the Bwog must have photoshopped out some of the rules at the top... Maybe as a bad joke, so that we waste our time trying to solve this when they haven't given us all the information?

  23. Anonymous  

    no its true, i got the answer, and it def involves the the clues that were cut out, way to ruin it bwog. -_-

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