The Week in Photos: Spring is in the air!

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So, it took awhile, but unless you’ve been pent up inside during the last week and a half, spring is finally here! Finally, a time to break out of the boots and slide on those flip-flops, and hopefully some motivation to do your problem set outside in the sun, as opposed to drooling in your textbook in your dorm room.

To celebrate, Bwog is taking the opportunity to post more photos of the outdoor goodness and goings-on around campus, casually taken throughout the week with our handy digital camera (it ain’t no high-end gizmo, but it works). So, enjoy the pictures, take a walk this weekend — or at the very worst, take your Don Quixote to the steps. If you don’t mind the pigeons, that is.


Photos after the jump.



Return of the ice cream truck, for all your neighborhood playground/Orange Dreamsicle nostalgia.



A few kids spotted on the steps last weekend, walking their pet hamster (inconspicuous in this photo) around Alma Mater. Much to this Bwogger’s amusement, the kids attracted a small crowd a few minutes later.



Another one from the steps, this time with the infamous nuke hanging out in the background.


The flowers are here! A truck unloader takes a break in the background.


A Philo member promotes the Society’s “Beat Night” event by reading poetry out on Low Plaza in front of the mass of students on the steps. Meanwhile, students practice their martial arts skills — capoeira perhaps? — behind him.


In front of Lerner stands University Senate candidate (and recent winner) Eric Wang , one of several encouraging CC students to vote in front of Lerner, during the election period.

Here’s a good one for the university viewbook.

Happy Friday to all!


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  1. CML  

    Ah, spring: when a young man's free time turns to University Writing.

  2. h. h. havemeyer III  

    1. what in the name of mckim, mead & white is that first photo of?
    2. god damn you, mr. softee. the reverberations of your milky-treat peddlery are like a maddening schoenberg piece or somesuch nonsense. I have the good sense to snipe at your legions from my east campus windowsill.
    3. larger photographs, bwog-fellows! I know you possess the techno-wizzardry!

  3. seriously  

    what is that first picture?

  4. Feathers Birdowitz  

    I rejoice in the coming of spring, as student trash is heaven for my species. Yum yum. I for one cannot wait until 40s on (hic) 40.

  5. Dear Bwog

    I love you, but I need to go now. Parting is such sweet sorrow!

  6. hey Bwog

    Add this to your Samuel Moyn file: he has a long, trenchant review in this week's The Nation, basically summarizing the main points of his popular course Historical Origins of Human Rights --

  7. sup

    the racks of flowers bears a striking resemblance to the northwest science tower.

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