Those Godless Lawyers

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Looks like the scales of justice just got a little more balanced at the Law School, where a sharp eyed tipster noticed that the older, traditional, decidedly Christian logo:


has been replaced by something more sleekly innocuous:


As we noted before, Columbia did decide to stick with the royalist crosses, but apparently takes a federalist attitude towards its satellite institutions. Besides, spades are so in these days.


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  1. :( :(  

    i'm an atheist, but the crosses just seemed classier.

  2. agreed  

    plus everyone knows they're purely historical.

  3. the spades  

    seem so commercialized and watered down.

  4. Smartleby  

    The difference between a cross and a spade is miniscule at best and, in the above example, unnoticable. Since the modern spade shape comes from the Spanish deck of cards which featured swords, this shouldn't surprise anyone.

    I find this change exciting and good. In light of Meslier's quote (incorrectly attributed to Diderot), "Let us strangle the last king with the guts of the last priest." I suggest we find some priest entrails to string on that damned crown, or better yet, burn the whole mother down.

  5. shakespeare  

    Nay knave, for the Bard speaketh: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"

  6. steps  

    is there something going on on the steps today? I can hear the music across campus; it's been going on all day and I'm suprised bwog hasn't done anything on it

  7. crosses and spades  

    I can understand wanting to ditch the crosses being we are a secular institution. But shouldn't we also ditch the crown? I don't recall Columbia being a monarchy.

  8. umm  

    it's called Relay for Life. kind of a big deal.

    it's also Dean's Day.


    Can't we get a presidential commission on university symbols and create some uniform standards for symbol usage? this choose your own approach is ugly.

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