QuickSpec: The Soda Machine on Second Floor Mathematics Has an Unusually Large Selection Edition

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  1. Crimmons

    is a workstudy student for Housing and Dinning?

  2. idiots!  

    link to Cat Calls...it's actually well written and funny.
    besides youve only linked to 4 articles (none of which are great and most of which you've already covered the info on bwog)

  3. crikey  

    As for underclassmen, "there's going to be so much security out there that you won't even be able to open your 40," Chait said.

  4. if anyone  

    gives josh hirshland a job at a newspaper after graduation i may have to hang myself.

  5. yeesh

    crimmons' article is exactly the kind of opinion that allows the h&d bureaucrats continually get away with NOT improving housing conditions.

  6. HOLY SHIT  

    Bollinger is BALDING like crazy in that picture of him from UMich.

    It's time, Lee. Let the people see your true scalp.

  7. What?!  

    "Students surround University President Lee Bollinger at a wild, but brief, post-game celebration. Bollinger invited more than 1,000 people into his home on South University after a group of students gathered on his lawn. "This is the best university in the world," Bollinger said."
    Lee C. that better be a joke! Which university is the best? Huh Lee?
    I propose we all chant outside his house after some generic sporting event, regardless of the outcome. And when he doesn't let us in, we have our Spectator cronies write mean articles about him still loving Michigan and then we'll chant outside his house the next week again. He'll definitely let us in then. Deal?

  8. i live  

    in the shaft.. and its not that bad.. no outside noise.. no need to turn on the heater during winter... and u dont wake up at 7 cooking with the sun in your eyes like some broadway rooms

  9. hey  

    seriously, why do you link to lame articles but not to good ones like Cat Call?

  10. The Michigan article

    is one of the saddest things I've ever read, now that we know what Prezbo really is like. It's like his entire Michigan presidency was an act, concocted to launch him here. And now he's probably plotting his next move -- to Harvard.

  11. Yeah!  

    Bollinger is the man!

  12. X.J.  

    Did anyone else notice that the article about the Northwest science building referred to Pupin as the home of the physics and "astrology" departments?

  13. haha  

    idiots think astrology is a science!

  14. Damnit  

    I liked being the only person who knew about the Pellegrino in the Math vending machines.

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