1. meh  

    that's old news

    and it's a bottle, not a can

  2. pasfdhq402  

    yo FOR real

  3. wow  

    do you guys really hate esc so much as to post this jibberish over them?

    lame ass bwog.

  4. ALSO  


  5. this  

    is interesting why? the new bus stops were put in months ago and a sign that is backlit is hardly an innovation.

    did you hear they have the internet on computers now?

  6. anon  

    speaking of what they do and dont have on campus, what the hell ever happened to the chairs and computers in the Lerner lobby. I think ive seen this mentioned on Bwog once or twice, but not nearly enough. Are they gone forever? Another inexplicable annoyance, like the closing of half the entrance doors into that lobby during half the months of the year?
    And would it kill them to use the Butler flatscreen TVs for something other than worthless library self-promotion\ads? CNN, or FoxNews:)?

    wow, columbia kids do whine a lot...

    • i think  

      putting CNN/MSNBC/Fox News on the Butler flatscreen is an excellent idea. I guess Fox News would be too controversial - although it would be funny to see the crazies get their panties in a bunch over it.

    • agreed  

      one of the science buildings had cnn on their flatscreen. don't know why not in butler, though...

      • seas  

        Mudd, the throne of SEAS, has over four flat screen monitors in the lobby - boasting CNN, Zvi Galil's announcements, and so on.

        But you CC kids didn't know that, did ya?

    • Will  

      The close those doors in Lerner to cut down on the amount of cold air that gets blown into the lobby. If they were open, during the winter, the entire 212 area would be ridiculously cold... that's bad design for you, just like everything else there. And as for the computers, I remember reading somewhere that they were gone for good, because people were using them for too long and getting in the way. Thank you, administration.

  7. homeless  

    some bag people were using them to play online games or look at porn for hours on end...they also liked sleeping in the leather chairs.

  8. JWeg  

    bwog failed to mention the coolest part of that bus stop ad: it's bluetooth enabled! You can download pepsi promotional material from it!

    The cool lighting technology, btw, is from this company: http://www.lumigraphics.net

    • Huh?  

      “Cool lighting technology”? Different parts of the sign just light up in succession to produce the final, completely lit image. That sounds so 1999 to me.

      In my day, bus stops were just green metal poles stuck in the sidewalk with the sign up at the top. The times they are a-changin’...

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