1. TV shows  

    So Dani is upset, because stations will only show shows that make money? The bastards. What next, will stores only offer products that sell?
    PS. using Grey's Anat as an example of an original show is weak... it isn't original (or very good).

  2. i'd tap that shit  

    oh c'mon. the spec web site looks loads better than it used to

  3. What. the fuck.  

    Why does the Post insist the protesters "physically attacked" Gilchrist? I know it's the Post but goddamn...there was a VIDEO.

  4. The Post

    is just getting lazy. Instead of working hard to skew the facts with careful wording, they've just gone to outright lies.

  5. Did they  

    just call us "aspiring brown-shirts" and does that imply what I think it implies? For the love of god.

  6. anna

    bwog! i am quite upset with you. there is an article in the spec about jarvis cocker and you choose not to include it? the man is practically a god, columbia students need to know about him!

  7. Tom  

    I hate the Yankees! AaARGHgh!

  8. that article  

    on 'are you smarter than a 5th grader' looks like it could have been written by a 5th grader. try some complex sentence structures, genius.

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