Calling all Shutterbugs

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sfegWe spend an inordinate amount of time cruising Facebook albums. We know that there are a few talented photographers out there. And we sure as hell know how much you procrastinate (Bwog wouldn’t exist otherwise). Those realizations have combined to produce BWOG’S FIRST PHOTO CONTEST. Maybe it’ll become a weekly thing. 

So, here’s the deal: being appallingly in debt makes it difficult to offer anything in the way of material incentives, but if your photo wins, we can hook you up with eternal fame and glory. The deadline is SUNDAY, APRIL 8th, at midnight.

And this week’s theme is NIGHT. We’ll post the winner on Monday. Go!

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  1. any cap  

    on the number of submissions?

  2. Lydia  

    Nope, as many as you like.

  3. why...  

    can't you guys manage your budget, even though it's the size of almost all other ABC publications combined?

  4. why?

    because they publish on a monthly basis. bwog is just an extension, with no revenue. and why, of all things, would they put their money towards a blog photo contest? it's cool enough just to get your stuff out there, correcto?

  5. to whom  

    would one submit entries?

  6. Yeah, uh...  

    Where do we send our losing photos?

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