Prangstgrup Makes Columbia Proud

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prankedWhile Columbia has not gotten the best press in the New York Post lately, The Chronicle of Higher Education has nothing but good things to say about our school, or at least its pranks.  The Chronicle’s article on “The College Prank as Viral Video” includes not one but two pranks by Prangstgrüp, the latter of which it calls “arguably the best college prank on YouTube.”

Disappointingly, nobody around Columbia came up with anything big for April Fool’s Day (did they?),  although on Thursday KCST some kids from Jester, Fed, and other groups did trick 30-some people into watching people eat dinner before putting on legitimate shows the next two days and trick KCST into promoting it.



  1. Pft  

    Prangstgrup pranks aren't pranks. They are performances. There is no deception or foolery, it's just a public spectacle.

  2. The  

    banquet was fucking amazing, and they even got me drunk

  3. CUSJ  

    fuck jester and their banquet

  4. kay

    i actually transferred from columbia to the university of florida this semester, and, today, in one of my theatre classes we discussed prangstgrup...
    kind of wonderful.

  5. KCST  

    actually had nothing to do with Ow! Ow! Stop Amazing Me

  6. how exactly  

    would one even begin to survey the whole range of college pranks on youtube? and what makes "college pranks" particularly different from other generally goofy videos on youtube?

  7. KING PUN  

    WAH! WAH! stop CORRECTING he.

  8. CML  

    that vidcap is AMAZING.

  9. this  

    CUSJ-Jester wwar is getting out of hand.

  10. No man  

    The CUSJ needs to be wiped out. Creepy cult.

  11. well  

    to be fair, KCST was marginally involved in Ow Ow, since they let them use their reserved space in the Black Box

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