1. accosted  

    some guy with prongs in his hand violently approached and started snapping the prongs at me, yelling, "whoooo wants some pound cake. cooooome on pound cake! get some pound cake with that milk, son! EAT MY FOOD!"

  2. is it free  

    to anyone or do you have to have a mealplan? when does it finish?

    • You need  

      to swipe or pay to get into John Jay, but it's a free-for-all after that. I walked out with a shopping bag filled with snacks, juices, breakfast items, and five different types of energy drinks!

  3. one who accosts  

    Nor is it in any other dictionaries, perhaps because it is not a valid word.

  4. omg  

    The food in John Jay actually tasted like food today.


    I returned to my room and emptied my bag onto my bed to find bottles of various flavored waters, cereal bars, and about twenty bags of Stacy's Soy Crisps scattered about. I felt like a John Jay pirate. ARRRGH

  6. X.J.  

    -The Naked Juice Berry flavor tastes like tomato sauce. It'd be good tomato sauce, but I'm not sure if I want to drink it.

    -The original Cola flavored Jolt is maybe the worst tasting non-diet soda I've ever had. It had some of the unpleasant metallic notes of doctor pepper with no discernible cola sweetness. I'm reserving judgment on the sugar-free, as two cans of Jolt might be deleterious to my health. I appreciated the free Jolt t-shirt though.

    -The Newman's Own and Grown-up Soda were both tasty.

    -The chicken tikka masala was good, as was the tilapia.

    -The waffle fries sucked, but I think that was an issue of them being on a steam tray instead of under a heat lamp.

    -The chicken nuggets and the wings were both unremarkable, and they tasted microwaved.

    -The organic brownies were dry. I think preservatives are a necessary evil.

    -The mango-coconut water drink was novel, but I wouldn't be willing to pay for it.

    -The Muscle Milk was a solid shake, though I'm not sure when you're supposed to drink it. Do I want to be all weighed down with dairy while I'm working out?

    -In general, I'd like to see more small/local businesses represented at the expo.

  7. DHI  

    Damn it damn it damn it wish I had swipe access.

  8. Sprinkles  

    My Newman's Own cherry soda contains "black carrot juice concentrate." Huh?

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