J-School Graduation Speaker Announced

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Julia Kite emails us with the following tip:

“The Journalism School’s graduation speaker will be Ben Bradlee…yes, THE Ben Bradlee who was editor of the Washington Post during the Watergate Scandal and one of three people who knew the identity of Deep Throat, à la All the President’s Men.”

According to a recent Gawker post, J-School Dean of Students Sree Sreenivasan e-mailed students with the news yesterday (in which he, interestingly enough, sourced Wikipedia for Bradlee’s bio — hey, even professional journalists refer to it every now and then).

For those still upset about their own Class Day speakers, know that there may still be hope for graduate school.


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  1. futurecrimson

    "there may still be hope for graduate school"

    thank god I'm going to Harvard for graduate school. Bill Gates at commencement and Bill Clinton at Class day for Harvard College? Seriously Columbia, it's not even a contest anymore. we're second rate. No wonder Barack Obama is ashamed to admit he went here.

    • huzzah  

      this future crimson agrees, and is delighted to see red as his "human verification" color.

      I know where my donations are going...

    • unbelievable  

      You're pathetic. You do know that Harvard has had speakers like Conan O'Brian? Penn has had Jodie Foster? Occasionally there will be an entertainer or star that is not OMGSOPRESTIGIOUS. That something like what schmuck speaks at class day is that much of a blow to your ego is sad. Yeah, you do belong at Harvard, you should have gone there undergrad too. Entitled pristige sluts like you make Columbia students look bad.

  2. Dude looks

    Dude looks drunk--may make for an entertaining speech

  3. agreed  

    choosing matthew fox as our graduation speaker was humiliating and debilitating to our egos. SECOND RATE SCHOOOOOOL.

  4. COME NOW  


    You're leaving. We'll miss you. We know that it hurts to know that Columbia will continue without you. But don't stoop to denigrating Alma Mater just because you're a little bit intimidated by the coming changes to your life.

    You'll always have your memories of Columbia. Good and bad, they're a part of you now. Love them, love Columbia, and love yourself.

    Second rate my ass.

  5. blue  

    love my bad memories?

  6. Will S.  

    Bradlee wrote the best book about JFK ever. No question.

  7. un-again  

    "prestige", even. Bwog needs an edit-comment feature.

    Now that I think of it didn't harvard also have that dude that played Borat and I think some guy from Family Guy? Personally those guys would have made me cringe. But it still wouldn't have me declare my entire undergraduate experience crap and my school second rate.

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