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jhfWhen Bwog noticed that there was a “Found Explosive” on the Gothamist newsmap for 2950 Broadway–the address of the Journalism School–we were confused. Our confusion deepened after a call to the NYPD, who said that it was an “inert device.” Another call to Columbia Public Safety yielded another dimension to the puzzle: the bomb was a “replica.”

“Why would someone put a replica of a bomb in the Journalism School?” we asked the officer.

“I don’t know,” he replied, exasperatedly.

Mysteries abound.  

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  1. J-School Staffer  

    Info from someone who had to work there today:

    The replica was old and rusty. It looked like a paperweight. It was probably a practical joke by a Columbia student from ages ago--perhaps as long ago as the 50s.

  2. that is  

    hot. excellent word choice! replica!

  3. hah

    last year quiz bowl got busted for leaving their buzzer system in hamilton. security mistook the suitcase with open wiring for a bomb. they called in the bomb squad which punched a hole in the case that's still there. great story everytime we're asked.

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