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Bwogger Kate Redburn brings us good tidings of the latest goodie to add to your iTunes.  

I have a date with destiny, and it’s May 30, 2007. That’s when one of my all-time favorite musicians, Manu Chao, is playing my hometown. I’ve never been more excited about a concert, but only partially because of who I’m seeing–half the pleasure comes from having found out about the concert at all. To call Manu Chao international is an understatement: as his Wikipedia page boasts, the guy sings in French, Spanish, Wolof, Portuguese, English, Arabic, and Galician. Needless to say, his multi-lingual website is a bit hard to navigate, and I always seem to miss his infrequent visits to the United States.

Enter my savior, and the reason for this post: iConcertCal. Download iConcertCal, do it now. This simple iTunes add on, good for both PC and Mac, creates an automatic calendar of upcoming shows in your area by artists in your iTunes Library. The website doesn’t explain exactly which lists they cull for concert dates, but the personalized calendar includes dates, times, venue names, and links to buy tickets. You can also change the location, to see who’s playing back home. For the truly savvy, there’s a radius feature, allowing you to change the radius around your location (this can prove very helpful since our zip code often yields results in New Jersey). If you’re lucky enough to use a Mac, iConcertCal can also sync with iCal, creating a separate calendar with all the same information in a much prettier format.

I’m sure there’s a bigger point in here somewhere about the freedom of information on the internet, but my music’s up too loud for me to find it.

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  1. iconcertcal  

    i've been using iconcertcal for a while now...it's great.

  2. if it's too loud  

    turn it down!

  3. Southern Rock  

    Dude, the Allman Bros. are amazing.

  4. wonderama

    Have you tried Eventful.com? They have a similar feature -- they let yo import your iTunes or Last.fm favorite artists, and then you can track your favorites to know when they'll be performing in town. And if they're NOT coming to town, you can DEMAND that they come to town using the Eventful Demand feature... check it out

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