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ksbgfdCreativity abounds at the Tablet Arts Fair, taking place at Low Plaza until 4:00 PM! At the “Live Art” table, members of Tablet, Columbia’s multicultural literary and art magazine, are producing their works on the spot for an auction that will be held towards the end of the event. If your suite is lonely, you can also buy art at fixed prices, usually ranging from about $5 to $15–beautiful, hand-made journals and boxes in as well as paintings (pictures after the jump). Plus a bake sale and international hip-hop music to keep you entertained while you browse. All proceeds from the fair will go to the printing of Tablet’s next issue.





  1. ohhh  

    that girl in the top pic is SO elana. Elana, why are you so cool?

  2. not bill  

    mmm... rob stenson.

  3. mmmm  

    rob stenson is a sex god.

  4. i heard  

    rob stenson wrote his own version of the kama sutra which involves a lot of mandolin and sweat.

  5. pms  

    mike molina for president! rob stenson for president also!bipresidential government is the way to go! if such a thing ever came about, you'd probably read the following in the papers:

    "President Molina made a surprise appearance in the Senate today. He dropped in to sing an improv'd song about how fucking cold it was to the tune of 'Silent Night.' President Also Stenson showed up with his mandolin and strummed some crazy shit. Senators on both sides of the aisle agreed that it was 'fucking sweet.'"

  6. Bethmann-Hollweg  

    To be fair, contributing to arts magazines are a favorite activity of morons the world over.

  7. court tv  

    any way to find out how much abandoned works of art may (or may not) have gone for?

  8. rob's great  

    but he's no jerone hsu. sigh. i admire from afar.

  9. rob can  

    man by dolin anytime.

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